weekend catch up…

I’ve been “off” all week…maybe next week will be better 🙂  I have been busy in my art cave…I started two  paintings on cardboard and have already painted over one of them.  Here’s a journal spread and a page from my sketchbook:


This is on a sheet of Deli paper that I inserted into the book:




These are some items I purchased at our library sale two weeks ago:


lots of sheet music:



Just so you know…I appreciate all those who are following me and I love love comments….thank you!!!

I have

three links

to share

this week:

note:  I didn’t know for sure that Tammy would have  Link Love this week….she does:

Mindy Lacefield  and Alena Hennessy

Karen Kay dot me

Rebecca Sower

to all those in the US:  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!!

8 thoughts on “weekend catch up…

  1. The Mindy Lacefield class looks great doesn’t it. I was tempted but I am not up to date with Life book, 21 Secrets or Free Spirit so I am not loading up even more. Maybe when I have finished some of my current classes!!

    I had a quiet off week as well. I saw this: http://www.mysticmamma.com/lunar-eclipse-supermoon-in-sagittarius-may-24th-25th-2013/

    The dates and feelings make sense for me. 🙂 Love what you have done in your journal. The rawness speaks to me.


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