“The most beautiful thing

we can experience is the mysterious.

It is the source of all true art and science.”

Albert Einstein


I have been experimenting in my altered book journal.   The first photo shows a page where I only used oil pastels on the background.  The face on the left is a magazine face that I painted over, while the face on the right is a quick face I painted with a brush and black acrylic paint.  The one on the right is painted on deli paper which allows the background color to show through the drawing.



On this next one, I covered the page with mostly text paper pieces.  Some of the pieces had doodles or paint on them and I incorporated them into the final page. I used my Sharpie Pen to doodle over some areas.



This page started with black acrylic paint in swirls and squares over the original text of the book.  Then I used a wooden skewer to apply the paint by rolling it in some areas and pouncing the tip over other areas.  I’ve been using Jacquard luminaire acrylic paint in burnt orange a lot lately.  It shows up as mostly brownish in color.  It also makes a great skin color when mixed with Titanium White paint. 


15 thoughts on “experiments,etc…

  1. So how many books do you work in at once? And how many finished books do you have? And where do you store them all? LOL. Lot’s of questions but inquiring minds must know. Love the pages, especially the magazine face you painted over.


    1. I did have two books but now, I have only one now, it measures 8 1/2 by 11 inches(when closed). It’s a library sale book about eastern health practices. I have my finished books on a shelf in an art room. I have a few composition books that I have completed the past few years….I call those my glue books…no paint, only collage. Thank you, Danielle🙂


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