quick late night post

It’s been a really busy week…more so than usual.  I’ve been helping my mom…doctor appointment, taking her cat to the vet, etc.  I’m ready for a quiet weekend.

I signed up for Tracy Verdugo’s “Paint Mojo” workshop that begins next month.  I am looking forward to it.

From my watercolor book:




The one above was inspired by Tina Berning.

From my sketchbook:




…and this last one is inspired by my “Flow” coloring book:


Our weather here in northern Arkansas is much cooler the past few days.  I think fall is on its way.  Have a great weekend!

…and then there are watercolors

This week I signed up for a class at Creative Bug.  The artist teaching is Pam Garrison.  Go here if you aren’t familiar with her work.  I’ve been a big fan for several years now.  Sign up at Creative Bug and get two free weeks to look around their site.  They have a little bit of everything….art and crafts and more.

Here are some of the pages I made this week prompted by Pam in the first two weeks of class videos:

cs1 cs2 cs3 cs4 cs5 That’s all for now…have a great weekened!

…art and a blue moon

My art work has been sporadic lately…I’m kind of starting to get back into it more lately. We have taken to sitting on our deck in the back yard very late in the evenings…watching the birds, listening to tree frogs, and looking at the sky. You would be surprised at what one can see in your own backyard. We have both noticed a face in a certain tree out there and last night I grabbed my sketchbook and tried to draw some funny tree faces:


And we laughed a lot over this one:

We’ve been seeing a big moon the last few nights. I had noticed on our calendar that shows a full moon for tonight. It will be a blue moon. I always thought a blue moon is the second full moon that occurs during the same month. This article explains that there is also another definition for blue moon. Here is a great article about it:  http://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/moon/blue-moon.html

Some more pages from my sketchbook:




These are from the duct tape journal I made earlier this month:




I had been obsessing over finding the perfect old book to turn into an art journal…or in my case “visual” journal since I do very little journaling in my journals. I found a book last week with a sewn binding (and the price was right ($2.00) at one of our local flea markets. I will try and finish the duct tape journal before starting a new one….or maybe not. Jane Davenport puts her own watercolor paper along with some of the book pages in her handmade journals. This is an excellent video showing how she does that:


Have a great weekend!

all kinds of books…

Several months ago, I prepared some pages in an old instructional book on navigation. I planned for that to be an art journal. I put it aside to work in later. About a month ago, I picked it up to see what I could do in in it and the pages were falling out. I made a huge mistake of not checking to see how the book was put together. It was a glued binding, not stitched. You will be able to find several YouTube videos on how to prepare a book to be used as an art journal. I decided to use some of the pages from my failed project. After gluing on some collage pieces onto my background, I sketched my idea out with pencil, then went over that with charcoal, and finished with my Artline pen. (my new favorite ink drawing pen).

Last week, Diana Trout blogged about Flow Magazine in this post entitled “Good Vibes. Then, I went to Teesha and Tracy Moore’s “Artstronaunt Club” website and she showed a few pages from a Flow coloring book: Coloring is a Form of Happiness and I knew I had to have that book. It was less expensive from a seller on Ebay than ordering it on Amazon. It was in my mailbox on Monday. I think it will be a good source of inspiration for drawings.



And finally, here’s a couple of sketchbook pages:

This pencil drawing didn’t photography very well:

duct(duck) tape wars…

I have been working on painting some file folders and old book pages for a new journal. I finished it yesterday…it’s ready for further embellishment.  I made four signatures and sewed each one together pamphlet style (lots of You Tube videos showing how to do that).  Then, I attached the signatures together with duct tape.  The front and back covers were also attached with duct tape.  Then I put some more on to cover the spine of the journal.  I will show more of the book as I work in it.  I haven’t finished the front cover yet but here are two photos showing where I attached two signatures together and also the back cover.  I believe in the holding power of duct tape now :)



I have two doodle books I made for Diane Culhane’s class some time back. Those were fun to do.






Here’s the other book:




Hopefully, I’ll be back soon with lots of completed journals spreads


This year is zooming right along…halfway mark already. We have had preparations for company and visits from company this month. That’s behind me now, so maybe, I’ll have some time for making art. I have a doctor checkup tomorrow about my shoulder. I’m crossing my fingers that he won’t say I need to go back and have more physical therapy…it’s not back to normal yet…but if that’s what I need to get over this…then so be it!

I have a few pages from my sketchbook I’ll share:








I’m having problems posting photos tonight…post more in a few days.