Days 22,23 & 24

I’m not going to finish the 29 faces challenge…I’m close…24 out of 29.

The first two faces were inspired by Tina Berning.  I love her messy, inky style.  I used black acrylic ink.






This last one is a quick brush drawing on an old book page:



I’m on Instagram mostly these days…my user name is joyfulploys (no space).  Follow me if you are on there.  I bore folks with my dog pics… and sometimes, my quilt projects, places we visit, and occasionally, some of my art work.



Day 21

I always have trouble remembering three things: faces, names, and – I can’t remember what the third thing is. – Fred Allen

Here is face 21 for the 29 faces challenge for the month of September.  See sidebar for more information on that.

This face is very colorful….I was playing with watercolors.  After it dried, I decided to do some doodling on it:


Then,  I decided to see how she looks in black and white:


…..until next time

Days 18, 19 & 20

The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter  ~Cicero

Only one day behind in the 29 day face challenge…see side bar for more details…I think I can catch up.

This first face is watercolor with some pen work.  This is one of my favorite ones I have done so far.  I love that Violet Thio.


This face is another attempt at a more realistic face.  I had problems with the nose and mouth but really didn’t notice until I added the pen work.  I could have spent more time with shading, etc., but I’m calling it done.


This last one is another purple face.  I used a rose carmine Aqua Marker (Letraset) after the watercolor dried.  I really didn’t like it…it’s way too stark.


Days 16 & 17

Well…I’m only two days behind in my attempt to do the 29 faces challenge for September.

This first face is drawn with the bottle stopper of Burnt Umber acrylic ink.  Then I took a brush and added water in some areas to lighten it.



This next face is Payne’s grey watercolor and pen work after drying.



This quote is a longer version of one I have heard recently:

“Do all the good you can,  by all the means you can,   in all the ways you can,  in all the places you can,   at all the times you can,   to all the people you can,  as long as ever you can.”

….this is attributed to John Wesley but I noticed that is in dispute 🙂


Days 14 & 15

This is another face on a coffee filter.  I put the watercolors on first, let it dry, and then, added the pen work.  I love my Artline Drawing System (0.7) pen for that.



This face was done on mixed media paper.  I did a wash with watercolors.  Added some pen work after it dried. She isn’t a happy person 🙂


Days 11, 12, 13

I am keeping up…so far!!!  I am participating in 29 faces challenge…click on the icon over at the left sidebar.

This first face is painted on a coffee filter.  One of those big ones for a Bunn coffee maker…we got the wrong size.  I love how the watercolors go where they want.  After it dried, I glued it down in my sketchbook.  I really like my new Yasutomo Nori adhesive. I ordered mine from Amazon but I think Dick Blick has a lower price on it.



This face is inspired by Matisse.  I used Payne’s Grey acrylic ink applied with a brush.



This last face is watercolors, I let it dry and then used pen work to finish it.




Days 9 & 10

I can’t post comments on most blogs these days and I heard that some can’t post here either.  I don’t know why they (whomever that might be), changed things.  You have to sign up for Google or some such…not sure, just know it’s not like it used to be.  I also downloaded Windows 10 recently.  I like many things about it…but one thing I do not like is having to put a password in every time I leave for around 10 minutes.  I tried to find out how to prevent that and nothing I have tried has helped the situation.

This face is an attempt at a more realistic face.  It’s graphite and watercolors.



Today’s face is black FW Acrylic Artist Ink drawn with the bottle dropper that comes with the bottle.


…until next time…Peace

Days 7-8

This face is my blue lady…drawn with a brush and watercolor and then finished with pen work.




Day 8 is supposed to be Theda Bara.  She was famous as a silent screen star.  She was born in 1885.  To read about her go here.  This isn’t a good face but I didn’t have time for another try…it is what it is:

in her role as Cleopatra


Day 6 & Raccoon Spring

If anyone has Instagram, my user name is the same there…joyfulploys (no space).

Day 6 is graphite and watercolors.  Most of my watercolors are student grade: Van Gogh and Grumbacher. I had problems with her mouth and one eye,  but didn’t want to risk making the problem worse by trying to “fix” it.



Yesterday we went to Raccoon Spring.  It’s right behind the North Golf Course,  in Cherokee Village (Arkansas),  if anyone wants to look for it….or not.  IMG_2316.JPG

The water is clear and pristine and flows into Spring River.  The headwaters of Spring River begin at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas.



This the little bridge you drive across to get to Raccoon Spring:


This is another rock bridge for run off water (I think).


This the view you see driving out of the spring area:




days 4 & 5

Here are yesterday and today’s faces.  This one is a quick sketch with a brush using watercolors:


Today’s face is a quick doodle sketch, trying not to lift the pen.  I finished with some watercolors…I love that Cerulean Blue!