Post Cards – Old and New

I found this old Irish themed post card. It says nothing about Saint Patrick but has other Irish symbols on it.  I am showing the back of the card so you can see the pretty handwriting.  Handwriting used to be an art.  I’m thinking this was mailed in the early 1900’s. The postmark doesn’t show the rest of the date because the card is heavily embossed.


Here are some post cards I traded for…first is Kitty’s card

Second, is one from Amy over at Gauche Alchemy 

Third one from Joyce in Washington state

 A big thank you to all who traded with me, I still have some cards  to trade if anyone else is interested.  If you are, send your mailing address to my email at the top of the sidebar.

Garage Sales

I found some good buys at yard sales this morning.  Since I have no art to share, I thought I’d talk about yard sales today.  Hubby and I have a flea market booth to fill so we go to a lot of yard and garage sales.  We would go to auctions but most of the auctions around here are farm auctions.  We have tried auctions once or twice but left before they were over.  We don’t like to stand around all day waiting until the one item we want goes up on the block.  Anyway, back to the yard sales…I had to go solo today because hubby had surgery on his ankle last Thursday.  I found several indoor sales and that was great because it was raining(again).  I am finding that many people are charging more at their yard sales.  Some are charging what I would pay at a flea market.  However, one can still find good deals.  This morning, I found an old tea pot,  two cup and saucer sets, and several pieces of old jewelry.  I also  found an old notebook, dating back to 1987, kept by a lady named Ann.  She apparently kept a detailed record of all knitting yarn she purchased along with store receipts and in some cases, mentions the person who will receive the knitted garment.   She also listed some quilting fabrics purchased.  I found it a fascinating record…the last entry was in 1991…Jeff’s Navy Guernsey sweater.  I wonder if she got to complete Jeff’s sweater?  I paid fifty cents for this dear woman’s notebook.  I bought it thinking I would use some of the labels, etc., in some of my art work.  I’ll have to think about it before I tear it apart.   I scanned some pages from her notebook plus the jewelry I found.  I paid a dollar for each necklace and the pair of earrings.  The loose beads from an old pair of earrings were thrown in free.  The colorful necklace and earrings were made in Japan and quite old,  I think.  The necklace is made of abalone shell pieces and glass beads.  I scanned the jewelry and several pages from Ann’s notebook:





Vintage Sewing Patterns

I ran across this website today and was immediately intrigued by all the ideas for reusing old sewing patterns.  My favorite is using the pictures on vintage pattern envelopes to make magnets.  I also liked the flowers shown in the picture below.  Think of all the uses for these flowers…make a whole bouquet of them.  One could make little tiny ones and attach them to a handmade journal. 


Crafting a Green World is the name of the website. “Crafting a Green World features do-it-yourself projects that incorporate reused, recycled, and natural materials. “

When you get to the website  go down below the  picture of the magnets and click on “Dont’ Scrap the Selvedge. What a chair!  Talk about using every little bit!

Check out the website here: