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 “It is the sweet simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”  ~Laura Ingalls Wilder~


Here we are in the downhill slide for the merry month of May.  Upcoming in the near future are the following:

I’m noticing that Mary Ann Moss is gearing up for another online class.  This time,  the class will be about sketching.  I have always enjoyed her classes.

Traci Bautista has a new book coming out and a new online class about printmaking.

Tammy over at Daisy Yellow is hosting the Index Card a Day project starting the first day of June.

Me, I continue to do my own little projects.  I think I will participate in ICAD again this year.  I really enjoyed it last year.  But,  I’m not buying those flimsy index cards again this year.  I have already cut out 3×5 cards out of cereal and cracker boxes.  I know the idea is to use index cards but I think my “cards” will be much sturdier.  Plus, I like recycling my cereal boxes.

A few posts back I mentioned Tina Berning’s book,   100 Girls on Cheap Paper.  Here’s a few I painted on cheap paper with a brush (mostly) using sumi ink and some watercolors:





This one is pen and watercolors:


Here are three small collages I made in the little journal I’m recycling from a junk mail booklet:




I hope you have a great rest of the week!!!

Fashionista Class Journal Pages

I have been doodling and adding some inspiration pages to my Strathmore journal.  I’ve been working in it for the “Fashionista” class I’m taking.  This first photo I quickly sketched with pen over watercolor, then I added some more lines with my peat tinted charcoal pencil.  I realized this morning after I’d taken the photos that the poor girl doesn’t have any eyebrows 😀


Miscellaneous Doodles

Traci Bautista’s Creative Doodle class will be ending soon.  It has been a great experience…especially since I love doodling!  I used a black Pitt Artist Pen to draw this doodle today. I ordered a book from Amazon,   Pattern Motifs: A Sourcebook  by Graham Leslie McCallum.  I was inspired by two of the flower motifs and incorporated them  in my doodle below.  The back of the book says that  “these copyright-free images can be photocopied, enlarged or traced for design work in any creative field.”  He also has two other books…one has flower and plant motifs and the other one is animal, bird & fish motifs. 

This is another page from my little cereal box journal. I started with an acrylic paint background….used Wite-out pen to draw the design.  Last of all, I used Caran d’Ache crayons to add color.

Hot and Spicy

This is on a piece of brown paper bag.  I started by gluing a partial page from a vintage book. I used my foam spiral stamp and left over acrylic paints from a previous journal page.  I liked the randomness of the colors and added  more paint. Then, I used my dip brush with black India ink to add lines after it all dried.  I like using the dip pen because it will write over all the paint and has a line that isn’t as thick as the Sharpie marker that I have used on some of my other art work. I also used a Wite-out correction pen in a few places. I covered most of those white lines with Caran d’Ache crayons because I thought they were way too bold on the piece.  This will be a page in a journal I hope to make in the future.


Journal -#16

I want to tell you about a Mail Art Swap that is hosted by Janet and Lee.  All the details are at Janet’s blog:   http://jkbees.blogspot.com/     Also, check out the link to Lee’s blog at Janet’s blog.  Sign up before June 7!  Swaps are fun and anyone can join in.  If you have never participated in one…try it!

This page in my experimental journal began with an aqua and white background.  I doodled all over it with a dip pen and black India ink.  Next, I collaged some of my painted phone book pages down.  After the glue dried, I embellished that  with more doodles and Caran d’Ache crayons.

Doodle with Color

Here is a doodle I did on a painted background. I started by spreading some acrylic paint….orange and pink….on a piece of watercolor paper. After that dried, I used a Sharpie permanent maker followed by my Bic Wite-out correction pen.  I finished by using the black maker to touch up some areas that I thought had too much white.  I was mainly experimenting.  The second doodle was drawn with a black copic marker…my first time using a copic marker….I didn’t think it performed  any better than the less expensive Sharpie marker that I have been using for most of my doodles. 


Doodles for Today & Ice Cream Cake

I finished two more doodles today.  I plan to add my doodles to a painted background soon.  I used a Sharpie chisel tip marker for the heavy lines and a Sharpie ultra fine point for the thin lines.  On the second doodle, I did try Blick Studio marker but it tended to bleed a little much for my liking.

AFTERTHOUGHT:  When I posted this last night, I forgot to mention the Ice Cream Cake that I made for Mother’s Day.  It was wonderful and my family all loved it.  Two things, if you try this recipe….do not use carmel topping between layers (stick to the recipe) and do not press the cookie dough down into the bottom of the cake pan,  use it as it comes from the package.  Here is the recipe on Cathe Holden’s blog…look around her blog while there, she has lots of freebie items to print out: http://justsomethingimade.blogspot.com/2009/05/ice-cream-cake-at-firehouse.html

Journal & Doodles


This morning, we went to a book sale sponsored by Friends of the Library.  They have a spring and fall sale.  We try and go each time they have them.  I picked up several books to use as altered books or  art journals. I found a German language book  printed in the United States in 1933.  I plan to use it for collage.  My hubby found a 1907 copy of  The Iron Heel by Jack London.  I think it must be one of his lesser known books….at least, I’d never heard of it until this morning.

I am taking Traci Bautista’s class “Creative Doodles”  that started this week. I am posting two doodles from that class. It’s a lot of fun. Read more about it here: http://creativityunleashed.ning.com/    Also, here are three more pages from my Remains of the Day Journal I posted about yesterday.