Faces today…

The first three faces are mainly watercolors.  I am trying to use more watercolors…they are still a mystery to me… I’m learning as I use them.  These three are in my Strathmore watercolor visual journal.  The first one was drawn with a Prismacolor purple fine line marker pen.  Then I used watercolors and finished with a fine line black pen.  The last three are drawings in the old book.




Here we go…already Day TWO of the new year.  I didn’t make any resolutions this year.  I have never been one to make resolutions…but a new year is a time to reflect on what you need to change.  Reflections have been made 🙂

I got out my embroidery quilt blocks this past week…now that the holidays are over, I plan to spend more time making new blocks.  If you want to see the ones I made last year…go here .  I have two ready to sew together on my sewing machine and then I can do further hand stitching on it.  I am thinking of taking  Workshops being offered by Alma Stoller called STITCHED.  I need to make up my mind because the class started yesterday.  There are twenty different fabric artists doing workshops and they are all open to you after you join and you can delve into the ones that appeal to you first. 

BTW, the journaling workshop by Effy Wild, that I mentioned in the previous post,  is very good.  I picked up some tips from the first two videos.  Like I said, it doesn’t cost you anything (unless you want to donate and she doesn’t push you to do so).   Here are two journal pages from last week.  The face started on a sheet of black notebook paper…at one point I was ready to toss it in the garbage but I kept working on it.  The other page was named “Robot Chicken”  by my DH 🙂

Christmas card and pages…

I want to show a beautiful card I got last week.  It’s a wonderfully  handmade card by Lee.  I agreed to exchange Christmas cards with her…in my mind…card=postcard 😀  I made a postcard for her, in fact, it’s the card on my header.  I don’t usually show cards before the receiver gets them (forgive me Lee)  but I needed a Christmas photo.  The other card I made that day ended up in the trash.  Here is Lee’s card…the bears are so-o-o cute!!!

Here are two pages from my Strathmore Journal.  The big flower piece, I started months ago and decided to finish it…it needs something but I didn’t know what…so I moved on from it.  The abstact is about me trying out a new shade of purple 🙂

This the last part of a poem by Joyce Carol Oates, entitled The Time Traveler from a book of poems by the same title:

“I don’t recognize

that person,

you whisper,

who is that person?

A stranger’s face


in a mirror.”

These are my sentiments about getting older…I don’t have many regrets…a few…or I wouldn’t be human….but sometimes I don’t who that old lady is staring back at me in the mirror.   No, I’m not depressed…or going through the holiday blues…just happened that I found the poem last week.

Journal Pages

I spent most of yesterday afternoon in my studio. I say “studio” rather lightly because my little basement room doesn’t look like some of the studios I see on other blogs. 😀  That’s fine with me, I’m thankful to have a place to  do my art.  I moved everything down there because the dining table was covered most of the time and I’m trying to keep everything in one place.  

I started a piece on a canvas yesterday…I do not like it and I will probably end up painting over it and trying again.  I finished two pages in my Strathmore art journal.  The first page started with a magazine page that I altered with Citra-Solv.  I glued it down first,  then glued a face  from Gas-House McGinty book pages.  I used some additional doodling pieces to complete the page. I used Caran d-Ache water-based crayons, gesso,  and acrylic paint to embellish the face.  Finally, I used a tiny paintbrush with black ink to tie it together. 

The next page is one that I did quickly with charcoal pencil, tinted charcoal pencil and a Derwent sketching (Dark Wash, 8B) pencil. I tried a wash with some orange and yellow acrylic paints.  I liked it better without the color but I couldn’t leave it alone 😦   I also used another pen on the hair….I don’t remember the name of it.

More Impressions – Strathmore Journal

It’s been way too long since I have posted anything new. My younger sister and I have been helping out our niece with some child care…picking up the two little ones  from kindergarten and daycare…”it takes a village,”  my sister quipped.  We are happy to help 🙂 

I have been working in two different journals but I couldn’t find the time to take photos and get them posted…until now.  We are also going to go see The Help in about an hour.   I hope to get this finished before we leave for the movie.  I have been concentrating on faces in my Strathmore journal.  For these two, I have used mainly Caran d’Ache crayons, white gesso,  and Stabilo black pencil.  I also used a General’s 9xxB on one of them.  Both of them make bold black lines. 


First Impressions

I’m taking Katie Kendrick’s online class “Layered Impressions.”  Here are the first three faces I have done this week,  thus far.  I’m surprised I finished them as I have been running all over this week to medical appointments, etc….no, I’m not sick….just routine.  For these faces, as suggested by Katie, I’m using one of my favorite papers…old phone book pages.  I’m really enthused about this class.  I love Katie’s art and her teaching style.  These faces were done in my Strathmore Journal.

Dr. Seuss Inspired – Strathmore Journal

I tried to use some of the techniques I learned in Carla Sonheim’s class.  I don’t really like how it turned out so I probably won’t try this again….at least on a bigger piece.  I started with a paper collage base…gesso over that, and next,  two layers of watercolors. I used another layer of gesso and colored markers in certain areas.  I used a soft charcoal pencil to do some shading but I need to get some vine charcoal that Carla suggests using.  

I found out about Elizabeth at  Lost Coast Post when taking “Full Tilt Boogie” workshop.  She has a some great journal pages….definitely worth a look.  She did two mixed media works on canvas that are part of  “out of the journal’ challenge.  Below those posts are her “boogie” journal pages.

Sweet Adele – Strathmore Journal

My FTB journal is finished now, so, on to other things.  I have been working on Carla Sonheim’s class this week. I’m behind on ICADs for this week. I’ll  post some over the upcoming weekend.  Here’s a page from my Strathmore Journal.  Adele was one of the first names to pop into my head.  The name Adele means noble.  I started with a watercolor background.  I used white gesso and painted a few patches all over the page.  Then I used my acrylic and India inks to draw the face and swirls, etc…it’s not easy drawing with the dropper.  I used three color of inks…raw umber, cherry red, and aqua.  I finished with more lines with my Sharpie pen.

Collage – Journal Page

I resisted the urge to doodle on this page.  I started with a painted background and I had so much fun filling the page with collage pieces.  Most of them are from magazines.    Most of my ICAD cards have been collage…it’s one of my favorite things to do.  

I am also working on putting together a book….I have it almost ready to bind.  It will be my first totally handmade book.  If I get it finished this weekend,  I’ll post of photo of it next week. 

The weather here has been cooler this week…we have had little thunder storms every day that pass through quickly and drop a little rain on us.  Other than that, nothing really that exciting around here…I guess I lead a boring life compared to some 🙂  We did try out a new restaurant yesterday and I did sign up at our local fitness center yesterday. 

Have a great weekend!!!


Crazy Days of Summer – Journal Page

We went to see Larry Crowne yesterday. It is a great movie.  It stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.  Hanks also directed and co-wrote it.  It’s one of the few adult movies showing right now as many of the movies seem to be geared towards the out-of-school crowd.  Some movie critics are saying that it’s too predictible….blah, blah, etc.   Sometimes, it is best NOT to listen to the naysayers…we loved the movie 😀

I completed this Strathmore journal page this morning.  I have the mixed media Strathmore and I love it.  You can used lots of water on it with very little buckling.  I started with a wash of Stream Reinkers ink followed with some white acrylic paint.  I also used Caran d’Ache crayons, pen, and my new Lyra 9B graphite crayon….it’s water soluble…another new tool that I really love to use.  I sanded the old postcard lightly with some sandpaper.  There are collage pieces from old magazines and other bits of paper.