have a good day…

“The expression “Have a good day” was born the week our oil supply was depleted, water became scarce, telephone rates went up, gasoline was in short supply, and meat, coffee, and sugar prices soared.  It was as if the warranty on the country had just expired.”  ~Erma Bombeck~1970’s

I’m having a good day…it’s the first day back on God’s time 🙂

I made a new journal last week…I sewed the signatures together on the sewing machine and used duct tape to put the signatures together.  Then,  I found the middle of the journal and sewed that to the cover using a simple pamphlet stitch.  I will be using this method again.  I wanted to practice using a composition book for the cover.  The next one I make, I think I’ll try using an old book for the cover.

I mostly used painted papers on the cover:


Here’s the introductory page…watercolor and collage:


I spilled some ivory paint the other day…so, I quickly swirled it on some magazine pages.  After the paint dried…I went over some of the paint with pan pastels.  I like the effect that I discovered accidentally:




I painted these 4×4’s last week.  They number 149-152:


I made this set of 4×4’s today.  They number 153-156:





Last week we went for a drive to look at the fall color.  We made a little circle and came back home.  When we drove in our driveway, I told my hubby:  I think the prettiest leaves are right here in our own yard.  Here’s a photo of the Hickory Tree in our backyard.  After a rain, the leaves look neon yellow:


Side yard:


Across the front yard looking down the street:


Everyone have a great week and be creative in all you do!

ICADs(Index Card a Day) and more painted papers…

A really quick post to show my ICADs, for July 6-8. ICADs are a two month long project hosted by Tammy at Daisy Yellow.    I’ve also been painting more patterns on paper.  The second lesson of the “Sewn” class by Mary Ann Moss was posted this morning…I watched the videos once but I’m going back to take another look at them.  If you don’t know about “Sewn,” there is a short video on the sidebar  by Mary Ann  explaining about the class.  So far, I’ve been having great fun slinging paints and inks all over the paper.

ICAD 36 is collage from magazine pieces:


ICAD 37 is painted deli paper glued onto the card…and I wish I had not added lines…oh well:


ICAD 38 is all magazine collage…I was going to use some advertising logos but this is how it turned out:


This is growing right by my bird feeder in the back yard.  Three Sunflower plants have grown there all by themselves from stray seeds that the birds missed:


Here are some painted papers from the weekend:


another shot:


One more thing.  I want to mention,  is that Karen over at MAIL ME SOME ART has several swaps going on this month.  There is a button on my sidebar that will take you to her mail art blog.  One of the swaps that intrigues me is a zine swap that must be mailed to her by July 29th.  I hope I can do one…I have a lot of projects going on right now but I’m going to try to enter that swap.  The zine is all complete on one piece of copy paper.  Go here to read about how to fold and cut the sheet of paper to make a zine.  She made a video to show the entire process.   She made two examples to show how she made a zine from a single sheet of paper.

more ICADS and a gift…

I entered a giveaway at Deborah Weber’s blog a few weeks ago and I won!!! I got this in the mail on Saturday:


It’s a little origami pocket holder.  It has been folded to form three pockets. There are two floral tags and a handmade paper heart-shaped tag.  I took the heart out of its pockets so all of it is visible.  I love it! Thanks again Deborah!  When visiting her blog, be sure to check out her ICADs.

ICAD 22 is a cheat…I cut out some painted phone book pages to fit the index card:


ICAD 23 started with watercolor and ink splashes and drips, then I doodled around some of those:


ICAD 24 is magazine cut outs with random text:


ICAD 25 has painted paper background with a little guy I found in an old grade school science book and random text:


Tammy at Daisy Yellow is hosting the ICAD project.  I think it’s going to continue through July…so, start today if you aren’t participating yet 🙂


Painted Papers

I have been working on some painted papers the past few days.  I almost hate to tear them up to use for collage fodder. I used mostly acrylic paint, some inks, and my foam stamps.

I got a new book this week, Real Life Journals-Designing & Using Handmade Books, by Gwen Diehn.  This is the third book by her that I have purchased from Amazon.  They are all great… I also discovered that she has a  blog now…only up since the first of this year.  Check it out here.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

“Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.”  – Voltaire