“if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got”   ~attributed to Albert Einstein~

This is a collage I made a few weeks ago.  It’s a page from a book about the sea and as the chapter title denotes, it tells what to do if your boat springs a leak.  I have no qualms about tearing pages out of the book because the information in it is most likely out of date now.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  🙂


I completed some more 4x4s yesterday.  This first set is all collage.  I took of photo of the piece before cutting it down into 4x4s:


The written French notes were in an old French text book I found at a local flea market.  Most of the other collage pieces are from a fashion magazine.  This set numbers 121-124:





This set includes oil pastels, acrylic paints, homemade stamps, Distress Inks and spray inks.  This set numbers 125-128:





Enjoy your day and have a great weekend!….until next time…

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”  ~Robin Williams

I have been working on the quilt I started three years ago 🙂  I’ll post photos next time of some new blocks I have finished the past few days.  I want to get that project finished soon so I can start on some other quilt blocks.

In the meantime, I have a few sketchbook pages to share.  This first photo is actually watercolor on a sheet of  9×12 Strathmore Sketch loose paper. It’s only 50 lb weight and it wrinkled a bit.   I started with a watercolor wash, let that dry and used black paint and drew the face over the colors.  I also used a black marker to further define the features and hair.


These are random drawings from a flower and plant motif book:


This are some strips of watercolor that I glued down and doodled over them:


Metal rooster drawing made from a photo taken at a local steak house:


Violet lady watercolor sketch with brush:


Altoids collage:


Painting on an old book page glued into my sketchbook:


Black watercolor on wet paper:


These last two are watercolor abstracts:



…..and I got a new computer

ARGH!!!!! I don’t know what happened….I lost my entire post, photos and all.  Maybe it’s because of this new computer. 🙂  My old computer crashed last week and then we went out of town for a few days,  so,  I haven’t been online.  I have been ” resting up”  since we’ve been home and trying reinstall my programs on my new computer.  For some reason, I couldn’t find the same photo editing program I had been using.  I did find a free one called Fast Stone Imagine Viewer.  I think it’s going to work out very nicely.  Here are some doodle sketches I have done the past few evenings:

lost in a flurry of pages and postcards…

I’m still here…after recovering from Thanksgiving, I was finally able to get back to my art.  I did two spreads for a round robin journaling group.  There are four of us involved in that project.  It will extend into the middle of next year.  I was asked by Danielle over at A Love Affair With Paper to take part in the project.  Danielle has written an explanation of the project on her blog, click here and go to the November 29th post to read about it.  I will be posting more about that as we go along.

After getting my journal mailed to Danielle, I made some postcards.  I used one for my heading.  I can’t seem to get away from the book pages no matter what I do 😀  I also very quickly used some Caran d’Ache crayons and some white paint on one of my zen doodles.  This poor girl looks like she isn’t going to get anything for Christmas this year.