Happy May Day

I’m going through a dry spell.   I will still draw my ladies in my old book because that is mostly what I can do now.  I’ve also been thinking that I need to get back to working on my quilt.  Yesterday I did go downstairs to my “studio.”  I call it my art room, also known in the past, as the “guy room.”  😀  Hubby now has a lap top and hardly ever goes down there, so,  I took it over as my space.  Little by little, I bring things upstairs to work with and that’s why my dining room table can’t be used for it’s original purpose right now.  Mostly, I do try and keep most of my art supplies  downstairs.

I painted over one of my drawings yesterday.  I kind of like her with a little color.  I posted the original page earlier if you want to go back and compare…then and now.  I used all acrylic paint on her face.  I could have used some colored pencils for more shading but decided to leave it soft and subtle.  I put her in my big journal book I’ve been working on since the beginning of this year. Here we are at May 1st….the year’s moving along fast.   Last night, while watching tv, I drew more ladies in the book.

I signed up to take part in the May Flower Challenge.  Lori said you don’t have to do something every day….I will do what I can.  Click on Lori’s button over on the right if you are interested in taking part.  You can draw, take photos, paint or whatever….as long as it has something to do with flowers.


Jenny and Janet left comments about another challenge. It’s the May-29 Faces Challenge over at Ayala’s blog.  I thought, “why not?,” since I do faces anyways. It’s all about faces…any techniques are welcome. Go here to read more. If you sign up…read the directions first 😀  I didn’t.