Journal and Link Love…

I have two spreads to share from Danielle’s round robin journal.  I mailed out her journal to Janet earlier this week.  The spread with the girl and the balloon is almost the same spread I made in a composition journal several years ago.  I think I posted it, but I couldn’t find it.  I had a problem finding a white pen that will work for me…..I solved that by using Zig White Ink 30 by Kuretake.  It’s highly opaque and is used by cartoonists for highlights and corrections.  I used a fine point  brush to write the words.





Tammy over at Daisy Yellow has been hosting “share the link love.”  I remembered to do it this week 🙂

Link#1- I learned about Cathy over at 21 Secrets.  She did an amazing flower collage for the workshop.

Link#2-Lori Moon is hosting May flower challenge.

Link#3-Carlene Taylor makes some wonderful collages.

Link#4-Elizabeth St.Hilaire Nelson makes paper paintings.

Link#5-I love the pattern and colors that this designer uses. Go to: Bari J

Round Robin Art Journal Group, etc……..

I hope spring is around the corner…I am so ready for it!!!

I have been working furiously the past week or two preparing my journal for the round robin group I’m participating in with three others.  Danielle, the coordinator for the group, blogs at A Love Affair with Paper,   Janet, blogs at Random Acts of Art, and Andria, blogs at Drawing Near.  We are different ages and have different styles of art.  We each completed two spreads in our own journals before sending to the first person.  The first round for me was to send my journal to Danielle and it’s on its way to her.  Janet’s journal is on its way to me.  Danielle’s goes to Andria and Andria’s will be going to Janet.  It sounds complicated but it isn’t.  Danielle figured out a guide for us.  I will have until March 25 to complete two spreads in Janet’s journal before sending it on to Andria.  Go to Andria’s blog to read about her round robin journal and see her photos.  I didn’t take photos of the two journal spreads I did before sending off but I’m sure Danielle will show them on her blog when she gets my journal.

Doing the round robin pages put me into a painting and collage mode.

The first one is “Outside the Box.”



“A Small Flower Collage:


“Wavy Pattern”


………same & different………

I got a new camera this week!  It’s a Canon Power ShotA2300.  My old camera is with my granddaughter in who knows where right now….I got an email from her yesterday saying she was in Abu Dhabi. She is with her aunt….they plan on visiting several south Asian countries.  G-daughter asked if I want the camera back when she gets home….I told her to keep it and I’ll buy myself a new one 🙂   This one is a lot smaller.  I purchased it from Amazon and the reviews are mostly good on this model. 

I did get two spreads finished in my “The World I Live In” journal.  The one that has the two big faces is the one I like best….I like doing those kind of weird and scary faces…maybe I should do that more often?  The last photo is a very small page that I added to the journal….I plan to do something else to that face…not sure what.

See what you can see…

Well…I’m not sure what happened since my last post.  My blog must have been featured on a WordPress board or something…I’ve never had so many visitors here.  I had to remove about four comments because they were using the comment board to advertise products….not cool 😦  WordPress does a great job of catching most of the spam comments.

I have finished another spread in my Life journal.  I am really getting into using FW Acrylic Artists Inks (Daler-Rowney product).  The one black pen that I can count on to write over almost anything is my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen….love it!  I just noticed what I had written on the page…maybe I should have written:  Keep looking past the horizon 🙂

This is a page I quickly sketched in my Life journal:

The found words are:



glimmers of light


The last three photos are some more over the text drawings in my old book:

On a personal note:  Our only grandson  completed Army Basic Training this week,  at Fort Jackson, S. Carolina.  We are very proud of him!  Congratulations Pvt. Everett!!!  Maybe I’ll post a photo of him later if it is all right with him 🙂

Free to look at the bigger picture…

Stating the obvious…I’m back 🙂 We finally got some relief from the heat and  a nice long rain last night. We are thankful for every drop of the rain!!! 

I just finished a workshop with Juliana Coles called Extreme Visual Journal Workshop.  I have also signed up for her sketching class which started yesterday.  The first photo below is a spread I did in a book I am altering.  I have difficulty sharing my extreme side, I think.  I figure that when one gets to be my age, I have worked through a lot of the conflicts and anxieties of life…if I haven’ probably won’t happen now 🙂  Anyway, I’m free to look at the bigger picture…age has a way of putting things into perspective.  The bigger picture for me entails getting to a place of peace and contentment….most days anyway.  If only,  I can get others to see the big picture the same way I do…it would solve all the world’s problems…(kidding, of course).  😀

*Click the photo to see the bigger picture*

I also have continued to sketch in the old book I have been using as a sketchbook:

May Flower Challenge and practice with lines and circles…

I played with my India Ink and paints today.  I mentioned before that I’m taking Jane Davies class, Sketchbook Practice.  The link to her blog can be found in my April 10th post.  I just used copy paper for practice.  The last piece with circles and lines is my old standby…. a phone book page. 

I also signed up to participate in the May Flower Challenge over at Lori Moon Studio.   Click on the button over on the sidebar to read about it. I tried it earlier and the link seems to be broken…I’m sure it will be back up later.  Her blog is here.


Here we go…already Day TWO of the new year.  I didn’t make any resolutions this year.  I have never been one to make resolutions…but a new year is a time to reflect on what you need to change.  Reflections have been made 🙂

I got out my embroidery quilt blocks this past week…now that the holidays are over, I plan to spend more time making new blocks.  If you want to see the ones I made last year…go here .  I have two ready to sew together on my sewing machine and then I can do further hand stitching on it.  I am thinking of taking  Workshops being offered by Alma Stoller called STITCHED.  I need to make up my mind because the class started yesterday.  There are twenty different fabric artists doing workshops and they are all open to you after you join and you can delve into the ones that appeal to you first. 

BTW, the journaling workshop by Effy Wild, that I mentioned in the previous post,  is very good.  I picked up some tips from the first two videos.  Like I said, it doesn’t cost you anything (unless you want to donate and she doesn’t push you to do so).   Here are two journal pages from last week.  The face started on a sheet of black notebook paper…at one point I was ready to toss it in the garbage but I kept working on it.  The other page was named “Robot Chicken”  by my DH 🙂

Journal Pages

I spent most of yesterday afternoon in my studio. I say “studio” rather lightly because my little basement room doesn’t look like some of the studios I see on other blogs. 😀  That’s fine with me, I’m thankful to have a place to  do my art.  I moved everything down there because the dining table was covered most of the time and I’m trying to keep everything in one place.  

I started a piece on a canvas yesterday…I do not like it and I will probably end up painting over it and trying again.  I finished two pages in my Strathmore art journal.  The first page started with a magazine page that I altered with Citra-Solv.  I glued it down first,  then glued a face  from Gas-House McGinty book pages.  I used some additional doodling pieces to complete the page. I used Caran d-Ache water-based crayons, gesso,  and acrylic paint to embellish the face.  Finally, I used a tiny paintbrush with black ink to tie it together. 

The next page is one that I did quickly with charcoal pencil, tinted charcoal pencil and a Derwent sketching (Dark Wash, 8B) pencil. I tried a wash with some orange and yellow acrylic paints.  I liked it better without the color but I couldn’t leave it alone 😦   I also used another pen on the hair….I don’t remember the name of it.

Sweet Adele – Strathmore Journal

My FTB journal is finished now, so, on to other things.  I have been working on Carla Sonheim’s class this week. I’m behind on ICADs for this week. I’ll  post some over the upcoming weekend.  Here’s a page from my Strathmore Journal.  Adele was one of the first names to pop into my head.  The name Adele means noble.  I started with a watercolor background.  I used white gesso and painted a few patches all over the page.  Then I used my acrylic and India inks to draw the face and swirls, etc…it’s not easy drawing with the dropper.  I used three color of inks…raw umber, cherry red, and aqua.  I finished with more lines with my Sharpie pen.

Ink Faces

Someone asked about “Faces 101.”  It is part of Carla Sonheim’s Dog Days of Summer, online art camp for kids and adults.  It’s a three week workshop….last week was “Imaginary Creatures” and this week is “Faces 101.”  Next week will be “Junk Mail Artist’s Book.”  I have some creatures partially completed but I will probably wait to finish them after next week.  I’m trying to keep up with this week’s assignments.  I’m having the most fun doing faces this week.  If you want fast paced lessons…Carla keeps one moving along 🙂  Here are some ink drawings that I made yesterday. I didn’t have any black ink so I had to use some India inks and Liquitex inks: