I haven’t forgotten….

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here…about a month.

I did get a new sewing machine….Janome Magnolia 7330.  It is computerized but I’m finding it easy to figure out and I write down the combination stitch length and width, etc…so, that I don’t have to think about it next time I want that particular stitch.  I researched for days…read reviews,  and this one is the machine that seemed to be calling out to me 🙂  I went to a local sewing machine store to buy it.  Well, local for us is an hour away.  Anyway….so far…..I love it!

I’ve been working on my vintage materials quilt….I have used old linens, old hankies and other old vintage fabrics. Sometimes, I did have to use some new fabrics and laces.  I’m about ready to sew it together….I have one more block to complete and I’m calling it finished!  I have four blocks to show here…I’m disappointed in my camera…the quality of the photos just do not seem the same to me as those taken with the old camera.

This first block is mostly all vintage….I did embroidery the “Don’t Bug Me” piece:


This block features a screen printing my granddaughter gave me:


This block is kind of wonky but I like it:


I’m still working on this last one:


Flowers Today…

I have four florals for the May Flower Challenge.  In a few days, I hope to post some faces for the 29 faces challenge. This first one is a photo I took this morning.  These are some lilies my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day about three years ago. I’m not a photographer and I use a litte Canon Power Shot camera.  I did do some alterations with PicMonkey editing program…I should have left the photo like was origianlly 🙂

The next one is a flower doodle in my old book:

Watercolor and acrylic background with stencil and pen work:

….and the last one is a mini embroidery piece I put onto a quilt block:

Journal pages…

Here are some pages I have finished. My Book of Days has morphed into a book of some days 🙂  I have been absorbed with the “Letter Love” class for the past two weeks. I was thinking to myself…how ironic that I’m taking a lettering class when I don’t use words on my journal pages all that often… but maybe I will now.  This page started with collaged pieces.  Then I used  gesso, colored pencils, and watercolors.  I finished with some marker and pen work. I’m not all that happy with it but I’m learning to move on and not dwell so long on one page. 


This is a fabric collage page I made while I was working on my quilt blocks.  It is four thicknesses of fabric that I stitched together on my sewing machine. Then I hand stitched it onto a tab in my journal.


This last photo is the stamp practice page that I wanted to save, so, I decided to stitch it onto a tab in my journal.  I really like my new Xyron sticker machine. I am using it to make my own paper tape.  It will take paper up to two inches in width.

Doodle Journal page, etc…

I made a collage for the header above using several of the new stamps I carved.  The big doodle stamp on the far right above was inspired by the doodle journal page that I am posting this time.  I also finished another quilt block this week. I recounted and I have 18 finished blocks…yay, for me!

This week, we went to see the movie “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”.  I just finished reading the book a day or two before we saw the film.  It is a very moving story about what happened to one family after losing someone on 9/11 It’s very different from any book I’ve ever read because of the quirky photos and the type font that changes at the end of the book.  I finally figured out why I think the author (Johathan Safran Foer) did that after seeing the movie and looking at those pages in the book again.   We saw  “Everything is Illuminated”  on Netflix a while back.  It is another book,  made into a movie,  by the same author.  I also recommend that movie if you like quirky and different films. 🙂

I started the page above with torn pages from a phone book page.  I had cleaned my brush on the page….that’s why you see spots of color on the page.  I fully intended to gesso over it and do something else but changed my mind.  In the photos below you see the entire collage of the piece I made for the header….I could only use a small portion of it.


small bits and pieces…

I have spent a great deal of my time carving stamps this past week.  I have a large piece of  “the pink stuff” that I mentioned in the post below…but I’m saving it for when my carving improves.  I carved more stamps yesterday but haven’t taken photos of those yet.  I’m showing the first ones I carved.  I couldn’t believe it, our local Wal Mart ran out of the white erasers. Friday, I made a trip to our Staples (an hour away) and they had white erasers in a pack of four but I thought they were way expensive.  I did purchase  two packs and hope that WM will get some again soon…I mean….why pay over 8o cents per eraser when I can buy one  for sixty-one cents? 

I added more to the background that is in the post below.  Only one journal page in a week?  That’s all I could squeeze in this week.  I used lots of regular colored pencils, acrylic paints,   some spray paint, and some poster pens….yep, I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it 🙂  And after all that, I liked the  background best! 

I also finished another quilt block.  When I finish the quilt block I’m working on…I will have sixteen completed blocks.  I’m getting close to having enough blocks to put them together.


Pages and Quilt Blocks…

I have been working on my quilt, mainly in the evening hours while watching TV.  We are boycotting American Idol this season…no special reason…we  got tired of devoting all those long hours watching every week and getting “sucked in” by all the AI hype.  Anyway, I have two finished quilt blocks to post.

I am also working on my stamp carving class.  I’ll have some stamps to show you later in the week(I hope).  I finally got my Dick Blick order.  I ordered a Speedy Carve Stamp Block as suggested by Julie, but it’s going to have to be AMAZING for me to order it again.  A 9×11 inch sheet of it was almost $21.  I will use those cheapy erasers…my problem is that I can’t find any  that are big enough…I’m still looking.  I also can’t find the Master Carve blocks by Staedtler.  I ordered some from Dick Blick about two years ago but I found that they no longer have them. If anyone knows where to purchase some Marster Carve, please let me know. 

I have also been working on my BOD journal this week.  I call it that,  but I’m doing my own thing…and that’s an ok thing too 🙂  I really enjoy watching Effy’s videos.  This first photo is the collaged paper background(shown in my last post),  after painting, stamping, and writing all over it.  I’m trying to figure out what else to do with it.

This next photo is a journal page I did yesterday.  I started by sketching the face with my non-dominant hand on a phone book page.  I glued it down on the journal page.  I used acrylic paints and colored pencils.  I used several layers of paint thinned down with acrylic glaze medium.  I wanted it to look more whimsical but it is what it is.  I think I should have stopped several layers ago.  If it takes one longer than an hour to do a page in journal, you are probably spending way too much time (I’m talking to myself here).  I did finish with some new markers that also came in the DB order.  They are Letraset Aqua Markers.  The jury isn’t in on them yet…to me, they are about the same as using those less expensive Crayola markers. They are water-based and have dual tips.  I think Traci Bautista mentioned that she uses them and that’s the reason I wanted to try them.

Here are  my two finished quilt blocks:

Quilt Project – Stitchery


In Seattle you haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running.  ~Jeff Bezos

I have three quilt blocks completed now and I have three  more ready to embellish.  I really enjoy going through all my vintage embroidery pieces and and putting together these fabric collages.  The blocks are 10 1/2 inch squares.  I started this project last winter.  If you want to see the blocks I made last year, click on embroidery over in the tag section.   I’m not sure how I’m going to set the blocks together as I have two layers of fabric.  My initial idea was to butt the blocks together and sew…but… what to do with the raw edges???  I have been quilting the top layer to the bottom layer as I go.  I will need to consult with some people who quilt to get some ideas about how to put this together.  If anyone knows or can point me to someone who might help, let me know. 

(click on the photos to get a closer look)

Military Style Hat & Quilt Blocks

I have had a case of the blahs the past few days…no art.  I did work on my quilt blocks last night.  I have twelve of them semi-completed…I may do further embellishments on some of them.  Here are two more blocks that I haven’t posted:  (clicking on photo will enlarge it):


Yesterday I found the coolest hat tutorial on a newly discovered blog.  It’s called Crafterhours – sleeping babes, crafting moms.  Two moms do this blog and all their children are four or under…I think I read that they each have two children.  I understood the name of their blog after reading that 🙂   Anyway, the hat is super cute.  The tutorial is in three parts and is for a child but it could easily be adapted for an adult.   Check out their blog, they have other great patterns and tutorials for making all kinds of things.  I got permission to post the photo of the hat:

More Stitching – Quilt Project

This will be my last post until after Christmas.  I plan to be more faithful to post new art and my other new passion…working on my quilt.  I have almost finished six more blocks….that makes a total of nine completed blocks.  I’m not sure how many total blocks I will need…I want it to fit a queen size bed. I’ll have to figure that out. 

Have a blessed Christmas!!!

Art Stitchery Quilt Blocks

I have three quilt blocks completed and two more put together but I have some hand stitching to do on those.   I’m mixing new embroidery pieces that I have done, old linen embroidery pieces, vintage handkerchiefs, and  fabric scraps that I’ve probably had long enough to be vintage. 🙂  I have several handkerchiefs that I have collected over the years.  I don’t feel badly about cutting those up because most of them are fairly fragile.  I’m putting these together crazy quilt style so I have another layer under each pieced block.   I have never done anything like this before so I’m making it up as I go along.  A lot of the hand work is done at night while I’m watching TV.  I need better lighting because I used dark purple on something thinking it was black.  I haven’t done embroidery work for many years…I went through a counted cross stitch faze in the 80’s…I had to find out how to do a French knot because I’d forgotten how to do it.   I found a great website that has little short videos showing how to do almost any stitch you would want to do:  http://www.needlenthread.com/videos