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 “It is the sweet simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”  ~Laura Ingalls Wilder~


Here we are in the downhill slide for the merry month of May.  Upcoming in the near future are the following:

I’m noticing that Mary Ann Moss is gearing up for another online class.  This time,  the class will be about sketching.  I have always enjoyed her classes.

Traci Bautista has a new book coming out and a new online class about printmaking.

Tammy over at Daisy Yellow is hosting the Index Card a Day project starting the first day of June.

Me, I continue to do my own little projects.  I think I will participate in ICAD again this year.  I really enjoyed it last year.  But,  I’m not buying those flimsy index cards again this year.  I have already cut out 3×5 cards out of cereal and cracker boxes.  I know the idea is to use index cards but I think my “cards” will be much sturdier.  Plus, I like recycling my cereal boxes.

A few posts back I mentioned Tina Berning’s book,   100 Girls on Cheap Paper.  Here’s a few I painted on cheap paper with a brush (mostly) using sumi ink and some watercolors:





This one is pen and watercolors:


Here are three small collages I made in the little journal I’m recycling from a junk mail booklet:




I hope you have a great rest of the week!!!

final ICADs…

Here are my final ICADs for July 26-31.  It was fun, it was a blast…and I never got tired of making those small pieces of art.  Thank you Tammy for hosting the whole thing for two months.  My cards are all together in a plastic index card holder that I bought at one of our local dollar stores.  I forgot to take a photo of it.

ICAD 56 is a combination of vintage magazine, old typing book, and newer magazine pieces(the bird):



ICAD 57 is a collage from a fashion magazine:



ICAD 58 is a face I drew with ink and a brush on an old house plan book, other pieces are from a magazine:



ICAD 59 is a part of magazine ad that I painted over and then I saw a face:



ICAD 60 is pieces from a magazine ad over a painted background…doodling added with a dip pen:



ICAD 61 *inserts drum roll* is mostly a mixture of acrylic paints and inks:


Have a wonderful weekend!!!


ICADs for July 19-25

Only six more days remaining for the Index Card a Day project.  Someone was being facetious on their blog how everyone must be getting sick of seeing ICADs everywhere 🙂  I have thoroughly enjoyed making them and have managed to keep up for the almost two month period.


Click here to see more participants in ICAD

The round robin journal group I was participating in has ended.  A big thank you to Danielle for coordinating our little group.  Also, thank you Janet and Andria, the other two participants in our round robin group, who, along with Danielle have been a great source of inspiration.

ICADs for July 19-25

ICAD 49 is a collage from pieces found in a fashion magazine:


ICAD 50 is some mini drawings of plants inspired by a new pattern motifs book(more about that later):


ICAD 51 is mostly vintage papers collage:


ICAD 52 collage with oil pastels and marker embellishments:


ICAD 53 is a magazine collage embellished with oil pastels and gel pens:


ICAD 54 started with a tea bag packet:


ICAD 55  began with a scrap on my desk.  It needs a sea gull to complete it:


Everyone have a great weekend!  I appreciate each and every comment.  Thank you!

ICADs plus Link Love

I’m late getting my ICADs posted and I’m still behind. I have numbers 43-48 completed.  I’m two days behind, I can catch up.  I’ve had a lot going on this week along with a sick hubby,  so, everything is getting finished later than usual.  Check Daisy Yellow for more Index Card A Day participants:

ICAD 43  is a bevy of doodled ladies drawn with Sharpie marker and pen:


ICAD 44 is a collage of paper scraps I found on my art table:


ICAD 45 is painted phone book pages embellished with India Ink and dip pen:


ICAD 45 is another painted phone book collage with India Ink. I think the lighter areas are spots where matte media got on the paper and it acted as a resist:


ICAD 46 is marker and pen doodle:


ICAD 48 is some new washi tape strips:


Link Love is hosted by Diane at Crafty Pod

Link #1 –  Bleubeard and Elizabeth  has a current collaboration called “T Stand for Tuesday.”

Link #2 – Check out Teri at Quinceberry.  She has journal pages to share,  plus,  a fabric and lace book.

Link #3 – Elizabeth Golden has some excellent photos…her current post displays some bathing beauty freebies.

Link #4 – Check out Grace Filled Moments…I found her in the “Sewn” class.

Link #5 – Cindy like mail art and painting.  Her blog is  The Yapping Cat Studio.

ICADs and a zine…

I have been busy working on another project for my “Sewn” class.(See July 5th post).  I hope to get my pattern book put together soon.  Meanwhile, here are the remaining ICADs for this week.  So far, I have made 42 cards.  Index Card a Day originated with Tammy over at Daisy Yellow.  She has lots of creative ideas going on over at her blog, this is only one of many ideas. Here are ICADs 39-42 (July 9-12):

ICAD 39 is four layers of spray inks with various stencils:


ICAD 40 is “Did Nancy Get Mail?” from an old vintage reader:


ICAD 41 started as an ad for a handbag.  I used metallic ink and paints with some Payne’s Gray for outlining the bird that appeared…I love his eye!


ICAD 42 is mostly magazine collage pieces with one piece of scrapbook paper:


I’m not going to do Link Love this week due the time factor.  I do want to share a zine that Lee over at Defining Me sent me this week.   Around two weeks ago, on her blog, she mentioned that she had made a zine.  She made a one sheet zine like the one I wrote about in my last post.  She is so talented and creative!  She drew all the pictures except the page with Mona Lisa 🙂  She asked anyone who wanted one to let her know…and I did…and I’m very happy that I did.  Thank you Lee!!! I love it!!!  Here’s the front and the back of Lee’s zine:



ICADs and painted papers

I’ve been in a flurry of painted papers …..the “Sewn” class by Mary Ann Moss opened yesterday.  Our assignment is to paint patterns on paper until Monday.  That’s when the next lesson will be posted 🙂 To find out more about “Sewn,”  see the short video link over on the sidebar.  I love to paint patterns, I like the more abstract process.  You just do it without much thought. I will be doing more patterns this weekend  and I’ll post my patterns I have painted, thus far.  Before that, let me show ICADs 33-35:

ICAD 33 is a collage of map, book and deli papers:


ICAD 34 is two magazine pieces that I embellished with a Sharpie pen by outlining the shapes:


ICAD 35 is watercolor with pen work:


To see others who are participating in Index Card a Day…go to Tammy at Daisy Yellow.

These are my painted patterns:


pink close-up:


painted phone book page:


I only have three Link Loves to share this week:

Link #1 – Alison has a good mix of journals, embroidery and photos over at Life is a Beautiful Place to Be.

Link #2 –  Graphic designer, Sharon, lives in Boulder, CO….I like the name of Sharon’s blog: The Teacup Incident.

Link #3 – Me Plus Molly is in the UK, she has lots of fabric painting and pattern making.

Check Diane at Crafty Pod for more Link Love!!!

ICADs and Neil Gaiman

About two years ago, we read American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It is a wonderful adult fairy tale.  He has a new novel chosen as Amazon’s best book of the month, June 2013.  It is  The Ocean at the End of Lane: A Novel.  Click here to hear a short excerpt from it.

Here’s another video with Neil Gaiman & Zen Pencils: Make Good Art

Here are my ICADs June 29-July2:

ICAD 29 is mostly magazine collage pieces with added text:



ICAD 30 is magazine and scrapbook paper with a cut out I found in my stash:



ICAD 31 is a painted flower on a piece of phone book page glued to a stencil and paint background:



ICAD 32 is a doodled effort that I colored with markers:





ICADs and journal page…

So far, I’m keeping up with my index card a day art….I’m so proud of me 😀  Tammy over at Daisy Yellow is hosting this project.  Click here to see others who are participating.  If you want to start… jump right in….you can begin any time.  You don’t even have to do a card every single day if you can’t or don’t want to do that.

ICAD 11 is composed mainly of bars from those postage paid reply cards that come in magazines, etc.  I found the word “undo” lying on my work table….just waiting.


ICAD 12 is the famous Albert Einstein.  That small photo was in a book club catalog.


ICAD 13 is painted deli paper bits glued down on the card.


ICAD 14 is a face I painted on the card,  surrounded by painted paper collage.


I cut out this profile from a magazine intending to cut a stencil of her.  I decided it was much too large for that.  I went over the main lines with teal acrylic paint and a tiny brush.  I used paints and stencils to alter the original.  I finished by using Caran d’ache crayons to add some more shading.  I am disappointed with the photo…I tried twice….the colors are really more deep and vibrant.




I also took some wild flower photos on my walk this morning but I’ll save those for another time. And, I will also do my link love on Monday.   I hope everyone has a great weekend!

ICADs 4-6


Click here to see some others who are participating in ICAD

Here’s my next three ICADs.  I haven’t done today’s card yet.  I’ve been working on some backgrounds but nothing is coming together for me 😦

Icad 4 is all collage:


ICAD 5 started with green splats of acrylic ink:


ICAD 6 started with a piece of painted phone book glued down and colored pencil at the top:


here’s all three:


Diane over at Crafty Pod is hosting Link Love for the next two months:


Link # 1 – Check out Suzette Morrow at Loving Mixed Media

Link #2 – Tracey Fletcher King does beautiful watercolors…teacups are one of her favorite things to paint.

Link #3 – Tascha Parkinson is a wonderful mixed media artist

Link #4 – Kim over at Kim’s Kreative Korner has some inspiring art journal videos.

Link #5 – Christy has a ning group for art journaling and lots of free videos there. Link for that and you tubes are right here.