have a good day…

“The expression “Have a good day” was born the week our oil supply was depleted, water became scarce, telephone rates went up, gasoline was in short supply, and meat, coffee, and sugar prices soared.  It was as if the warranty on the country had just expired.”  ~Erma Bombeck~1970’s

I’m having a good day…it’s the first day back on God’s time 🙂

I made a new journal last week…I sewed the signatures together on the sewing machine and used duct tape to put the signatures together.  Then,  I found the middle of the journal and sewed that to the cover using a simple pamphlet stitch.  I will be using this method again.  I wanted to practice using a composition book for the cover.  The next one I make, I think I’ll try using an old book for the cover.

I mostly used painted papers on the cover:


Here’s the introductory page…watercolor and collage:


I spilled some ivory paint the other day…so, I quickly swirled it on some magazine pages.  After the paint dried…I went over some of the paint with pan pastels.  I like the effect that I discovered accidentally:




I painted these 4×4’s last week.  They number 149-152:


I made this set of 4×4’s today.  They number 153-156:





Last week we went for a drive to look at the fall color.  We made a little circle and came back home.  When we drove in our driveway, I told my hubby:  I think the prettiest leaves are right here in our own yard.  Here’s a photo of the Hickory Tree in our backyard.  After a rain, the leaves look neon yellow:


Side yard:


Across the front yard looking down the street:


Everyone have a great week and be creative in all you do!

…the band plays on


…while you worry about what each note means, the band plays on.”  ~Mark Hartley~

I finished some pages in my “Teesha” inspired journal.  I’m a bit obsessed with all the cutting and gluing.  I wish I could find the perfect glue but it’s not happening.  Teesha Moore uses Tombow Mono Adhesive tape applicators .  I have tried it,  but I haven’t mastered it yet.  I like for the edges of my collage pieces to be glued down and the glue tape doesn’t allow for that unless you run it off the edge of the collage piece.  I’m finding that Elmer’s X-treme glue stick works best for me right now.  One has to be very careful or the glue ends up on the front of the collage piece…and I don’t like that either.  My pages lack depth…I think it must be lack of shading. I’m working on that.




Jane Davies mentioned this book as a good resource for faces….I ordered it from Amazon.  It is a book of paintings and drawings by Tina Berning:


Here are a few pages from inside the book:





I’m off to work on some 4×4’s.  Have great rest of the week!

fun times…

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” ~unknown~

I’ve been having so much fun making books, working on spreads, and 4×4’s.  I won’t say what my house looks like right now 🙂

Here is the next set of 4×4’s in a series of 200.  These number 53-56.  A fun thing about doing this series is trying out new color combinations, etc.  That’s what I did with these four below.  I’m not sure I like these.  They are a little dark and mundane… I think the bright yellow saves them. These are all acrylic paint and inks…no pen embellishment on these.





I’ve been working in my new “teesha” inspired journal.  One thing I have found is that I need to work on spacing my lettering.   I think I’ll try penciling the words in first, next time.  Perhaps, I’ll try some pages without words.  I made some of the borders and the rest are from magazines.



This last one is a flap page….


new journal…

“You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.”   ~Irish Saying~

I have been working in one of the journals I made last week.  One page is completed and other pages are in various stages of completion.  I have been watching Teesha Moore’s videos on journaling on she and Tracy Moore’s new website:  The Artstronauts Club.  I have admired Teesha’s style of visual journaling for a long time.  On this page I used my own images and magazine collage.  The image on the lower left hand side of the page (with the flap opened)  is one I borrowed from their Artstronaut Club website.  They have lots of images that can be printed off and used as collage,  but for the most part, I’d rather use my own images (or altered images).  I am not a master of using a gel pen,  but,  use them, I did.  I think I got carried away with dots and circles 🙂  My colored pencils didn’t shade like I would have liked…I don’t know if it was the type of acrylic paint or paper I used.  I had good success with markers such as the Tombow markers.


with the flap closed:


…..and this is the front cover….I plan to do more to it…this is what I have so far:


I haven’t done any 4×4 series this week.  I’ll post them later in the week or the first of next week.

…mostly black and white

“Sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it.”

~Maura Stuard (age 8)~

The big thaw hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe today will be the day but it’s not looking very promising.  However, we are able to get out of our driveway onto the main road.

I was going through an old note pad and decided to throw away some of the pages that had notes that I no longer needed to keep.  I had doodled around the edges and I tore out all of the doodles and decided to put them into a collage:


This is a piece of magazine page….I swiped some green paint on it and immediately noticed a sitting figure.  I used some Inktense Blocks to embellish and bring out the figure:


Then, last,  but not least….look who’s on the cover of W Magazine! and with black and white dots!  (December 2013/January 2014).  It’s the art issue starring George Clooney. There’s more photos of him and other artists in this issue.   Great issue!  😀


ICADs 4-6


Click here to see some others who are participating in ICAD

Here’s my next three ICADs.  I haven’t done today’s card yet.  I’ve been working on some backgrounds but nothing is coming together for me 😦

Icad 4 is all collage:


ICAD 5 started with green splats of acrylic ink:


ICAD 6 started with a piece of painted phone book glued down and colored pencil at the top:


here’s all three:


Diane over at Crafty Pod is hosting Link Love for the next two months:


Link # 1 – Check out Suzette Morrow at Loving Mixed Media

Link #2 – Tracey Fletcher King does beautiful watercolors…teacups are one of her favorite things to paint.

Link #3 – Tascha Parkinson is a wonderful mixed media artist

Link #4 – Kim over at Kim’s Kreative Korner has some inspiring art journal videos.

Link #5 – Christy has a ning group for art journaling and lots of free videos there. Link for that and you tubes are right here.

Round Robin Journal……

I forgot to take photos of the two spreads I did in my round robin journal before sending it on to Danielle.  Danielle sent me the photos via email, so, I’m sharing those now.  If you didn’t read about the details of the round robin journal group, see the February 27th post.  I completed two spreads for Janet’s journal and  sent it out to Andria on Monday.  I will be posting those photos soon.
We went to Mountain Home yesterday. It’s a one hour drive.   Our two main reasons for going were: drop off donation at Good Will and go by the Hyla Vacuum Center.  The Hyla store was closed….not closed….but gone.  We found out after we drove back home that they are still in business at a different location….we didn’t get that memo.  Our donation at Good Will was some old LP Albums.  My DH collects them.  His sister recently ran across some old albums at an auction….five boxes for $3.  He was over the moon about that deal.  He went through them very carefully, weeding out those he didn’t want to keep.  All the albums had previously been owned by one person.  He had numbered them and even wrote where he had purchased the albums.  We talked about the fact that it was sad to break up the guy’s collection but we couldn’t keep them all.  The earliest album dated back to the 1950’s.   The old guy wasn’t into rock and roll….mostly blues, jazz and big band sounds.  He did have some albums that hubby discarded that he referred to as “1,000 and one gooey strings” or what some would call “elevator music.” 😀  We both like the unique sound of vinyl.  After years of listening to cassettes and CD’s, we are enjoying  lots of nostalgic tunes on vinyl.

Here are the two spreads from my round robin journal:




Found poem:  “difference of thought could race along out of the blue”

more patterns……

I made some more patterns, two of which, I’m sharing here.  I’m not on Twitter or Facebook….so, I’m not seeing anyone else who may be doing patterns.  Oh well, I’m having fun all by myself 🙂  I did finish a face I had started in my old book journal.  I am too critical of myself when I do realistic faces.   I was trying to use colored pencils and get more shading action going…don’t think I succeeded. I have problems with hair and the mouth isn’t right.  Plus, the book page was covered with masking tape and the surface was too rough.  That’s why we try things, so we learn 😀  The smaller page is an earlier doodle that I did….I printed it off and went over the lines with a Sharpie marker.



The pattern pages were done in my little sketchbook that I made from watercolor paper…

On this one,  I started with random spots of watercolor.  I used Tombow Markers and a pen to define patterns:


This one also started with watercolor…a stripe pattern this time.  I used a black Prisma chisel tip marker to make the black marks:


In a few days, I’ll post my 2-minute microwave fudge recipe…it will take you longer to put it together than cook it.  Cheers 🙂

See what you can see…

Well…I’m not sure what happened since my last post.  My blog must have been featured on a WordPress board or something…I’ve never had so many visitors here.  I had to remove about four comments because they were using the comment board to advertise products….not cool 😦  WordPress does a great job of catching most of the spam comments.

I have finished another spread in my Life journal.  I am really getting into using FW Acrylic Artists Inks (Daler-Rowney product).  The one black pen that I can count on to write over almost anything is my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen….love it!  I just noticed what I had written on the page…maybe I should have written:  Keep looking past the horizon 🙂

This is a page I quickly sketched in my Life journal:

The found words are:



glimmers of light


The last three photos are some more over the text drawings in my old book:

On a personal note:  Our only grandson  completed Army Basic Training this week,  at Fort Jackson, S. Carolina.  We are very proud of him!  Congratulations Pvt. Everett!!!  Maybe I’ll post a photo of him later if it is all right with him 🙂

Free to look at the bigger picture…

Stating the obvious…I’m back 🙂 We finally got some relief from the heat and  a nice long rain last night. We are thankful for every drop of the rain!!! 

I just finished a workshop with Juliana Coles called Extreme Visual Journal Workshop.  I have also signed up for her sketching class which started yesterday.  The first photo below is a spread I did in a book I am altering.  I have difficulty sharing my extreme side, I think.  I figure that when one gets to be my age, I have worked through a lot of the conflicts and anxieties of life…if I haven’t..it probably won’t happen now 🙂  Anyway, I’m free to look at the bigger picture…age has a way of putting things into perspective.  The bigger picture for me entails getting to a place of peace and contentment….most days anyway.  If only,  I can get others to see the big picture the same way I do…it would solve all the world’s problems…(kidding, of course).  😀

*Click the photo to see the bigger picture*

I also have continued to sketch in the old book I have been using as a sketchbook: