Christmas card and pages…

I want to show a beautiful card I got last week.  It’s a wonderfully  handmade card by Lee.  I agreed to exchange Christmas cards with her…in my mind…card=postcard 😀  I made a postcard for her, in fact, it’s the card on my header.  I don’t usually show cards before the receiver gets them (forgive me Lee)  but I needed a Christmas photo.  The other card I made that day ended up in the trash.  Here is Lee’s card…the bears are so-o-o cute!!!

Here are two pages from my Strathmore Journal.  The big flower piece, I started months ago and decided to finish it…it needs something but I didn’t know what…so I moved on from it.  The abstact is about me trying out a new shade of purple 🙂

This the last part of a poem by Joyce Carol Oates, entitled The Time Traveler from a book of poems by the same title:

“I don’t recognize

that person,

you whisper,

who is that person?

A stranger’s face


in a mirror.”

These are my sentiments about getting older…I don’t have many regrets…a few…or I wouldn’t be human….but sometimes I don’t who that old lady is staring back at me in the mirror.   No, I’m not depressed…or going through the holiday blues…just happened that I found the poem last week.