all kinds of books…

Several months ago, I prepared some pages in an old instructional book on navigation. I planned for that to be an art journal. I put it aside to work in later. About a month ago, I picked it up to see what I could do in in it and the pages were falling out. I made a huge mistake of not checking to see how the book was put together. It was a glued binding, not stitched. You will be able to find several YouTube videos on how to prepare a book to be used as an art journal. I decided to use some of the pages from my failed project. After gluing on some collage pieces onto my background, I sketched my idea out with pencil, then went over that with charcoal, and finished with my Artline pen. (my new favorite ink drawing pen).

Last week, Diana Trout blogged about Flow Magazine in this post entitled “Good Vibes. Then, I went to Teesha and Tracy Moore’s “Artstronaunt Club” website and she showed a few pages from a Flow coloring book: Coloring is a Form of Happiness and I knew I had to have that book. It was less expensive from a seller on Ebay than ordering it on Amazon. It was in my mailbox on Monday. I think it will be a good source of inspiration for drawings.



And finally, here’s a couple of sketchbook pages:

This pencil drawing didn’t photography very well:

One thought on “all kinds of books…

  1. Janet July 15, 2015 / 9:59 am

    I love that first drawing you did. Sorry about the book fail…gotta have sewn in pages, and they’re getting harder to find. I follow Helen Dardik on Instagram. Her drawings are so cute and fun.


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