duct(duck) tape wars…

I have been working on painting some file folders and old book pages for a new journal. I finished it yesterday…it’s ready for further embellishment.  I made four signatures and sewed each one together pamphlet style (lots of You Tube videos showing how to do that).  Then, I attached the signatures together with duct tape.  The front and back covers were also attached with duct tape.  Then I put some more on to cover the spine of the journal.  I will show more of the book as I work in it.  I haven’t finished the front cover yet but here are two photos showing where I attached two signatures together and also the back cover.  I believe in the holding power of duct tape now🙂



I have two doodle books I made for Diane Culhane’s class some time back. Those were fun to do.






Here’s the other book:




Hopefully, I’ll be back soon with lots of completed journals spreads

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4 thoughts on “duct(duck) tape wars…

  1. I like all your journals. Nice job on the duct tape ones. I hope yours do better than mine did. I used duct tape a few times on and in journals and it never seems to stick for very long. Not sure why…maybe it’s the heat we have here.


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