sketchbook, Ruben and Isabel Toledo…..

I’m still mostly sketching.  I said I have sworn off on-line classes but I did sign up for Carla Sonheim’s mini class, “Flower Crazy Mini.”  It begins April 7.  It looks like a fun class and I couldn’t resist it.  Here’s some pages from my sketchbook:




I have a book by Ruben Toledo.  I like his quirky style.  He has illustrated several book covers and his fashion art has been in several high fashion magazines.  This blog has more of his work and style, if you are curious.  It seems that in recent years, Reben and wife,  Isabel,  have joined together to design for Target Stores.  This article also mentions that the design duo are a favorite of the First Lady.




I hope you are having a great weekend!!!



2 thoughts on “sketchbook, Ruben and Isabel Toledo…..

  1. Janet March 29, 2015 / 10:41 am

    I love it when you share your sketchbook. You have such style and your drawings look effortless. Also thanks for putting a name to those Nordstrom illustrations. I have a stack of them torn from magazines. I love them for inspiration!


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