…go after it

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.”   ~Jack London~

I made some Blonde Brownies for Sunday’s Super Bowl.  We still have some hanging around…it was a big batch.  I always forget to take a photos of my culinary efforts.    Here’s the recipe I used…check Food dot com.

I finished up another set of 4x4s yesterday.  I used acrylic paint, collage, Caran d’Ache crayons, and soft pastels.  I sealed it with a coat of gloss gel.  I learned a great trick.  If your thinner papers tend to curl up around the edges while painting or gluing, coat the back side with gesso and dry it with a hair dryer or heat tool…it will flatten out…amazing🙂

I did plan to try and do 29 faces challenge for this month….see the sidebar.  I will do some because I’m always drawing or painting faces.  Here’s a small ink sketch with a brush and ink.  The second one is a thin Sharpie marker and ball point pen drawing:



Here are my latest 4x4s, numbering 29-32.  I won’t be using that gloss gel over my work again…it left a milky cloudy film…I can tell a difference in the photos:





4 thoughts on “…go after it

  1. The Blonde Brownies sound delicious…especially since I can’t eat chocolate. I will try them and use some other kind of chips; maybe peanut butter.

    I’m really enjoying your 4X4 series.


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