cards and doodles…

Have you seen the television commercial about making a card from a Cheerios box?  I’ve only seen it once.  They cut out the word “cheer” from the word Cheerios and sent someone a cheer-ful card.  I loved the idea.  I made a hello card for our granddaughter and a birthday card for our grandson using the word “smile”, also, on the Cheerios box.  I cut out standard postcards,  size (4″x6″) from the box.  I had to glue the word cheer on another piece of the cereal box to make that card standard size.  I wrote with a Sharpie marker after trying a pen.   Here’s how they turned out:


Here’s a random sketch drawn a mechanical pencil using my non-dom hand:


I do these type of doodles while watching TV at night…here are two I drew this week:



I noticed that Amazon has a newer version of their Kindle.  I have the HD version of Kindle Fire and I love it!  The new one is the Kindle HDX.  I almost went with an Ipad instead of Kindle Fire but I really like Amazon and what they offer for a lot less money.  If you have a Kindle and want to get emails telling about free books…check out this web address:

Free Kindle Books

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