sketchbook doodles and link love Friday…

I’ve been doodle sketching in my new Daler Rowney sketchbook I picked up at China Mart(Wal Mart).

On this first one, I used a Pilot ultra fine point NO XYLENE pen.  I love using it, although it does feather and bleed a little bit.  Part of that could be due to the paper in the sketchbook.



I used colored markers and pens on this page.  I started with a quote from a book:  Proverbs for Daily Living, using a blue Prismacolor chisel tip marker.



Link Love is hosted by Tammy at Daisy Yellow

Link #1 – I have been watching some videos by Shannon Green at You Tube this week.  I love her quirky style. On this video, she shows  techniques for altering papers to use in backgrounds. Watch both parts.

Link #2 – Alma Stoller says she never buys canvas. She has some great tutorials.

Link #3 – Rebecca Anthony has amazing doodled journals, plus, some stitched denim cuff bracelets.

Link #4 – Nancy Standlee is very much into mixed media and art journals.

Link #5 – Linda Germain  shows how to make your own gelatin plate.  I may have to try this.  Her blog is Printmaking without a Press.

16 thoughts on “sketchbook doodles and link love Friday…

  1. Thank you for joining the link-love mission! I am so happy that you included a link to Linda’s gelatin printing site, it’s a great resource.


    1. you are welcome Natasha and Marit….I want to made one of those gelatin plates….I don’t want to spend the money for the commercial one. I wish Linda was doing a live workshop in a town near me 🙂


  2. finally catching up on past couple of weeks of Friday links. These were great. I especially loved Rebecca Anthony. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hahaha… so true about the wheel! It always pulls a bit to one side, too, doesn’t it? Oh well… it’s probably just telling all the other wheels to check out your blog, Mary – so I guess I can’t blame it for that! 🙂


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