mail art envelope book #2

As I mentioned in a previous post, I made two smaller security envelope booklets.  I sent one of the books to Andria.  She sent me a postcard in return.  Andria has a big project going on now with Rolodex Cards. Check out her blog…she recently had a post about “Magic Gardens” in Philadelphia. It’s a huge mosaic made from old bottles and other throw away items.  Here’s Andria’s book (note-random posting of photos, WordPress media didn’t cooperate with me this morning):


10 thoughts on “mail art envelope book #2

  1. I blogged about this envelope notebook today too! Thank you so much for such a personalized gift; I love all the little tuck-ins! And thanks for sharing about my blog in your post!


    1. No Lee…not difficult at all….three envelopes folded…punch three holes along the fold and do the pamphlet stitch. I like to do most of the embellishments before stitching the envelope signatures together.


  2. Love the idea of using envelopes…I have saved security envelopes with intentions of using their pretty insides in collage…but truth be told I have so many I could make several books😉 … yours turned out great … thank you for sharing and for the inspiration oxo


  3. I love the way you used your envelopes horizontally and kept them in tack for added support. I use mine vertically and slit them open. It would be cool to combine the two into a book–the mind boggles!!🙂 I love all the added doodles and collage that you’ve incorporated to. Thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog. I will be back.


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