Another journal page…..

I played with some abstract designs this week.  This is a page from “The World I Live in” journal.  Read about it here.  I started it in August of last year and it’s almost finished now.  Most all the pages in this journal have been prepped with wide making tape.  I tear off small pieces of tape and cover the entire page. I go across the middle seam of the book, making sure to push it down in the seam.  It makes the pages really strong and I like the texture of the masking tape. (click on the photo to see the texture)

I just realized that I used almost the same color palette as the page in my last post.  It comes from trying to use up all the paint I have out on my palette.  🙂 Plastic lids from yogurt or cottage cheese containers made great mini palettes.


One thought on “Another journal page…..

  1. spilledinkguy April 15, 2013 / 4:28 pm

    I really like the warm / cool combo, Mary!
    Looks great!
    (I’m liking your new lay-out, too – I think it shows off your work well!)


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