I found out since my last post that I was “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress.  They had sent an email telling me all about it but it got lost amongst other emails and I didn’t see it until four days after the fact.  They did feature my blog on the main page over at Word Press.  I had no idea 🙂  It explained the sudden flurry of activity on my blog.

I’m taking a sketching class.  I am having fun doing my own thing,  knowing,  that I will never be very proficient at sketching.

I  am noticing some things about art blogs…things tend to run in cycles…at least, since I have been aware of art blogs and started following some about six years ago.  First, it was keeping an art journal….then watercolors, and now it seems that many are sketching in their journals. I forgot about carving stamps, making stencils,  and lettering.  I like all those and have dabbled in several of them.  I like working in a visual journal and try many of the new things that come along.  I have discovered that I have a “hangup” about doing my art on canvas.  I have started working on canvas a few times but never seem to complete one.  I’m trying to figure out why I may be doing that.  Maybe, it’s because I am content doing what I am currently doing….just dabbling.

Anyway…here is an attempt at sketching some birds (one looks more like a chicken) from photos taken in my backyard.  The figure is an attempt at a self portrait…maybe a younger version of myself 🙂   I incorporated some bird photos I printed out on my printer.   I used some Tombow markers and lots of graphite and various other pens and inks.

Here are two more pages from my old book:

I would like to mention a wonderful book I just finished listening to on my Kindle.  It was free on audible books dot com.  I downloaded the APP on the Kindle.  The book is The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce.  It’s fiction, although, the title might lead one to think otherwise.  Portions of the book are poignant and sad but it does have a great resolution at the end.

One thought on “birds,etc…

  1. spilledinkguy August 20, 2012 / 11:31 am

    I think you are incredibly proficient! You create more interesting things in a month than I do in a year! But having fun with it all is the most important part (I think), and as long as that keeps happening, I’d say it’s a win/win, Mary!


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