Flowers Today…

I have four florals for the May Flower Challenge.  In a few days, I hope to post some faces for the 29 faces challenge. This first one is a photo I took this morning.  These are some lilies my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day about three years ago. I’m not a photographer and I use a litte Canon Power Shot camera.  I did do some alterations with PicMonkey editing program…I should have left the photo like was origianlly 🙂

The next one is a flower doodle in my old book:

Watercolor and acrylic background with stencil and pen work:

….and the last one is a mini embroidery piece I put onto a quilt block:

12 thoughts on “Flowers Today…

  1. Mary, I love the water droplets on the lilies. LOVE that mini embroidered piece. They are all great! I’ll tell you a secret…half of the photos I take are taken with my Olympus point and shoot camera. Shhhhh don’t tell. 🙂


  2. The lilies look so pretty. They’re such a graceful flower. And I like your flower doodles, too. (Lots going on here…I’m so behind with everything. I’ll email you later)


  3. WOW!! Are you are participating in both challenges? Enjoy, busy bee.
    I am loving everything about your work! :]
    Wonderful pieces ((sigh))
    You are so talented… thank you for sharing.


  4. Enjoying yor flowers and previous posts like all the variety, so creative and pretty.
    I can’t imagine life without flowers, we put a lot of effort into having them. We put huge effort into our art, it give us a place in our own being.


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