Doodles on old pages…

I have another falling apart book that I’m using for my drawings and doodles now.    I like drawing with my non-dominant hand and switching over to my dominant hand for adding more details.  Mostly, I used a Sharpie fine point marker. I tried a Pilot G2 pen but it didn’t glide over the book paper very easily.  I had more success with a Hybrid Techinca by Pentel.  I plan to experiment with other markers and pens as I go along in this book.


7 thoughts on “Doodles on old pages…

  1. Great fun, and so beautiful! I love working in old books. Your art is amazing…

    BTW, you’re it! I got tagged in a game of blog tag, and you’re it…you can see the post about the game over our blog and find out the details. No obligation to play, but I do hope you’ll join in the fun. And what a fun way to share with everyone how much I love your blog. Thanks for all of your inspiration!
    xoxo MotherDana


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