Doodles on old pages…

I have another falling apart book that I’m using for my drawings and doodles now.    I like drawing with my non-dominant hand and switching over to my dominant hand for adding more details.  Mostly, I used a Sharpie fine point marker. I tried a Pilot G2 pen but it didn’t glide over the book paper very easily.  I had more success with a Hybrid Techinca by Pentel.  I plan to experiment with other markers and pens as I go along in this book.


Postcards and pages…

I have received five postcards from Hanna’s postcard swap.  I’m showing four of them because the fifth one came after I’d taken the photo.  I’ll show it later.

Hanna sent me the first card from Sweden.

The second card came from Oregon and was sent by Diane.

Number three was sent by Cyndee.

The last card in the photo came from Fanie in Canada.

Here are two more pages in my Book of Days journal that has morphed into my “big journal.” The second page may not be finished…I was playing with Tombow markers and watercolors. It was an experiment and I’m thinking I’ll just move on 🙂

Final Note:  I did join Pinterest.  My user name there is Mary/joyfulploys…if you want to check out my pages.  I also received an email from Pinterest last week stating that they have changed their agreement terms and they are now clear that “selling content was never our intention.”  Some artists are leery about joining Pinterest for various reasons and that was one of them.

Journal Page

I’ve been looking at Pinterest this morning….I want to join but it seems you must join through FaceBook or Twitter.  I don’t have either of those but I’m thinking about getting a Twitter account just so I can join Pinterest  🙂   Does anyone know? Is that how you sign up for Pinterest or are there other ways?

I did this journal page yesterday….I brought out my oil pastels again…it’s been a long time since I’ve used them.  It was a a fun page…the giraffe’s ear is leaning over because there was a collage piece in that spot that was shaped like an ear.

I have received two postcards  from iHanna’s postcard swap.  If you want to check that out click on the link two posts below this one.  I’ll be scanning those and sharing those in the next post and maybe by then I will have received more postcards. 🙂

The Green Shamrock and Local Color…

I found one  Irish postcard among my small collection of old postcards.  This one is postmarked 1908.  The people who touched this card have long since left this earthly plane.  The back side shows an address that the card went to Miss Mabel Galloway, 261 Jay Street, Utica, NY and is simply signed Gerald….no message, just his name written in pencil. This card was illustrated by the noted artist, Ellen H. Clapsaddle.

I took the backroad to the post office today…here’s some of our local color.  My mom grew up in this area. A few days ago, the two of us were on the same road and she was telling me about the people who lived along the road.  She knew the couple who lived in the old log cabin.  The Red Bud trees are popping out all over here in our little corner of the Ozarks.

If you double click on the first photo, you should be able to see all the photos in a slideshow format:


I read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins last week. I’m reading the second book in the trilogy.  If you are interested in fast-paced action adventures….then these books are a must read for you.  The books are actually written for young teens but people of all ages are reading them.  The movie Hunger Games will be out a week from this Friday.  I hope we can find a theater near us that will be showing the movie.

I finally finished my postcards yesterday for iHanna’s yearly postcard swap .  Last year I made cards with collage and acrylic paints.  I wanted to do something different this time.  The faces and giraffes were drawn with my non-dominant hand using a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen or an IDenti-pen(extra fine).  I used a Sharpie fine marker on most of the floral doodle cards.  I colored those with watercolors and Tombow Brush Pens.


Watercolors & Doodles…

Nice sunny day here…nice but windy.  Arkansas, thankfully,  did escape the tornadoes that went through some states last week.

I was playing with my pens and watercolors this morning.  I was inspired by Jennifer Mercede’s work.  I was reading about her over at Pam Garrison’s blog.  Pam has posted some of her own beautiful art work…click on the link to take a look.  Jennifer has many unique giraffe doodle drawings, among others,  over at Flickr.  I attempted to draw a giraffe.  I haven’t used watercolors on it yet.  I need to see about getting a better set of watercolors…my set is  Prang…choice of eight colors.  The pen I used is a bold Pilot G-2 (07).  It isn’t waterproof but I kind of liked how the ink mixed with the watercolors.  I’ll be working on postcards the rest of the week  for iHanna’s yearly postcard swap.



Each Day Matters…

It’s 79 degrees out there and the wind is howling.  We are under a severe weather alert for later in the day.  Tornado season seems to have kicked into high gear.

This week, I did two spreads for the round robin journal swap that I am participating in and got that sent off to Robin.  She sent me an email yesterday saying that she got it in the mail yesterday.  Joanne’s lettering class ended this week and I was sorry to see it end.  If you are still on the fence about taking her class…I don’t think you’d be sorry about taking it…she packed so many videos and other information in that class.  I think maybe I mentioned that before 🙂

I finished this page this morning. I started with a collage background and completely lost most of it under the paint.  I used dark purple, magenta, teal and yellow acrylic paints mixed with off white.  I painted everything with a brush… even the features on the face.  I used a Pentel Hybrid Technica pen for the squiggles and letters.