Journal pages…

Here are some pages I have finished. My Book of Days has morphed into a book of some days 🙂  I have been absorbed with the “Letter Love” class for the past two weeks. I was thinking to myself…how ironic that I’m taking a lettering class when I don’t use words on my journal pages all that often… but maybe I will now.  This page started with collaged pieces.  Then I used  gesso, colored pencils, and watercolors.  I finished with some marker and pen work. I’m not all that happy with it but I’m learning to move on and not dwell so long on one page. 


This is a fabric collage page I made while I was working on my quilt blocks.  It is four thicknesses of fabric that I stitched together on my sewing machine. Then I hand stitched it onto a tab in my journal.


This last photo is the stamp practice page that I wanted to save, so, I decided to stitch it onto a tab in my journal.  I really like my new Xyron sticker machine. I am using it to make my own paper tape.  It will take paper up to two inches in width.

8 thoughts on “Journal pages…

  1. Very cool pages. I especially like what you did with the fabric. I am coming at the BOD from a fabric art background, but have tried to not use that so as I can focus more on paper art, but maybe I’ll need to rethink that! 🙂


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