Staying busy…

I’m staying busy but do not have a lot to show for it.  I have been making another journal… not the cardboard one…because I agreed to take part in a journal round robin.  My first round robin…more about that later.  I do have some pages from my IJ to post.  I picked up two old house plan booklets at the last library sale.  I wish I’d gotten more of them now.  I’ve found that I like to draw faces and doodle over the house plans.  Two different spreads show some of the mini faces I have scribbled. 




“Every Oak tree started out

as a couple of nuts



to stand

their ground.”




6 thoughts on “Staying busy…

  1. Hi Mary! I enjoyed catching up with your blog. I really enjoy seeing your journal pages. You’re right about the book with the house plans. They have a nice graphic/architectural quality about them. Love your header with the photo of your hickory trees. I miss Fall colors so much; one of the details of living here in Florida.


  2. I never thought of drawing over house plans but I like what you’ve done with them. As always, your pages look great….lots of color and movement and something different each time.

    I haven’t got much to show for my time lately either. Mostly I’m just dabbling in the studio.


  3. Great pages…I like your faces. Library sales are the BEST place to come by art journal and craft project fodder. I am interested to hear more about the round robin; sounds like a great project!


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