Full Tilt Boogie Journal (2)

I’ve been working away on my Full Tilt Boogie Journal. I have four more spreads ready to post. On this first spread, I used a photo of my granddaughter that didn’t print out well…not sure what the problem is with my printer.  I embellished it with colored markers…and don’t you love that peace sign Duck Tape?  I glued in a card that my friend Janet sent me earlier this year.

This page has some collage pieces from an old murder mystery book that I painted with watercolors. I used Stonehenge paper for the pages in this journal and it seems to hold up well when using watercolors. 

This spread has a little bit of everything:  scrapbook paper, painted papers, label from chocolate wine bottle, doodles,  and magazine collage pieces. In the lower left….the Snoopy and plane are from a 1980’s children’s magazine.

This spread started with collage pieces from an old French guide book (Nagel’s France) .  I felt guilty about tearing the book apart….I have used pieces from it all throughout the journal. On the left…there is another big collage piece from the same 1980’s magazine that I mentioned above.  For the face….I started with eyes from a magazine ad.  I don’t think I’ll try that again…it’s difficult to get the face to fit the eyes.  I used acrylic paints, brush pen  and colored markers.

8 thoughts on “Full Tilt Boogie Journal (2)

  1. I love the variety in your artwork Mary! That altered photo of your granddaughter is amazing! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment – re: the riots in the UK. We are lucky here in the West country and have seen very little damage or trouble… but then we have enough problems with a failing rural economy as it is. Ah well, I expect things will improve slowly – fingers crossed. =)


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