ICADS for July 11-16

We are halfway through the ICAD project.  Today…marks the halfway point.  I will post the card for today first.  For some reason… at the beginning of the week, the first few cards I made I was dating June and then I realized…hey! It’s July  😀  The second card for Monday(7-11), is made from three separate doodles that I used parts of to create the card. The next card shows an altered silhouette that I cut  from a magazine.  The next two are doodles and foam stamps.  The last card is a collage of squares cut from magazines and a flower cut from one of my painted phone book pages.  Check over at Daisy Yellow to read about the great uses for index cards.

I have also been working on my handmade journal…I’m almost ready to show some pages from that….stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “ICADS for July 11-16

  1. It’s been fun for me to keep seeing index cards all over even thought I didn’t join in the fun. Yours are just beautiful and vibrant — I love that you fill up and use the ENTIRE card- to the very edges – excellent!!
    Best wishes from germany, tj


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