Collage – Journal Page

I resisted the urge to doodle on this page.  I started with a painted background and I had so much fun filling the page with collage pieces.  Most of them are from magazines.    Most of my ICAD cards have been collage…it’s one of my favorite things to do.  

I am also working on putting together a book….I have it almost ready to bind.  It will be my first totally handmade book.  If I get it finished this weekend,  I’ll post of photo of it next week. 

The weather here has been cooler this week…we have had little thunder storms every day that pass through quickly and drop a little rain on us.  Other than that, nothing really that exciting around here…I guess I lead a boring life compared to some 🙂  We did try out a new restaurant yesterday and I did sign up at our local fitness center yesterday. 

Have a great weekend!!!


One thought on “Collage – Journal Page

  1. Janet July 8, 2011 / 12:45 pm

    Collage is fun and this one is so cool. I like all the little bits and pieces because each time I look at it I see something else.

    As for exciting lives, I think if I had an exciting life it would make me too tired! I like my nice quiet life which may be boring to some but it’s not for me. Just think….we have all that time to play and make art!!


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