ICAD for last week…

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea in the morning 🙂  It’s not so good when you spill it all over your keyboard and lap.  Anyway, that’s partly why I didn’t get the rest of last week’s cards scanned like I planned…the other reason was that we had company…If you read this, daughter dear…not really company 🙂  After they left,  my computer started acting strangely.  It had been working just fine after the spill so I thought  everything was good to go.  I didn’t equate the strange behavior with the spill until this morning.  We seriously thought I had a virus.  We had an old keyboard from computers past but it wouldn’t work because we needed one with a USB connection.  Off to Wal Mart I went…found one for $12 and I’m back in business. 

My first ICAD is a collage I cut from a cake mix box. Hubs birthday was last Tuesday.  I saved the cake mix box…cut two postcards from the box and used the scraps on this card:

This one is watercolor and pen… plus doodled masking tape:

This next card is a mixture of collage scraps:

For this last one (I skipped Sunday), I used oil pastels on the background…glued collage pieces on top:

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