Postcard Obsession

We have been trying to declutter around our house. We got our outside storage cleared…now, to begin on the basement.  I have been working on some more postcards. I can do pen work in the evenings while watching tv. I joined Postcrossing the first of April. I have received 15 postcards from all over the world.  I sent out these three cards today:

This card is off to Louisianna.

I made this card using a part of an illustration from a vintage magazine. It’s going to Ukraine.

This is a commercial postcard.  It reminds me of Andy Warhol.  I sent this one to The Netherlands.


The next two cards are future postcrossing candidates.  I used a Bic Mark-it ultra fine point permanent marker pen on these two cards.  I like using this as well as the Sharpie Pen. The Bic pen has a tendency to bleed a little bit.  The Sharpie makes a more delicate defined line.

Have a great weekend!!!

8 thoughts on “Postcard Obsession

  1. Very nicely done…
    I’m curious, Mary… do you plan/sketch most of your designs out first, or do you create them ‘on the fly’?
    (I tend to do more of the first, my wife more of the second) 🙂


  2. Your drawings are amazing! I love looking at them. This is the second time I’ve heard mention of Postcrossing, and the first time I’ve gone to the site to check it out. Sounds like fun!!


  3. I am the lucky Louisiana recipient of that awesome zentangled postcard .. that just so HAPPENS to be my favorite artform!! I would love to trade postcards with you again sometime.. let me know!!


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