Moleskine #21

I was going to stop working in my Moleskine and move on but decided that I should try to finish it.  I started this spread with a thin wash of white acrylic paint.  I let that dry and used Caran d’Ache crayons and used a water wash to blend and smoosh them around on the pages.  I used some painted phone book pages for collage pieces.  I used black acrylic paint for the bold black lines and Higgins Black Eternal Ink with a dip pen for the thinner lines.  The Higgins ink says it is permanent but it isn’t waterproof….or maybe I didn’t let it dry well enough?  Last of all, I used my new favorite white pen (recommended by Misty Mawn), a uni-ball Signo pen.  It writes on almost everything! 

4 thoughts on “Moleskine #21

  1. Signo white pens are one of my favorites although I use Sharpie ultra-fine white poster paint pens, too. I haven’t tried the Higgins ink….I think mine is Speedball India ink.

    I love what you wrote on these pages….so true.


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