Military Style Hat & Quilt Blocks

I have had a case of the blahs the past few days…no art.  I did work on my quilt blocks last night.  I have twelve of them semi-completed…I may do further embellishments on some of them.  Here are two more blocks that I haven’t posted:  (clicking on photo will enlarge it):


Yesterday I found the coolest hat tutorial on a newly discovered blog.  It’s called Crafterhours – sleeping babes, crafting moms.  Two moms do this blog and all their children are four or under…I think I read that they each have two children.  I understood the name of their blog after reading that 🙂   Anyway, the hat is super cute.  The tutorial is in three parts and is for a child but it could easily be adapted for an adult.   Check out their blog, they have other great patterns and tutorials for making all kinds of things.  I got permission to post the photo of the hat:

One thought on “Military Style Hat & Quilt Blocks

  1. Heather Abbott April 13, 2011 / 8:11 pm

    Looking forward to seeing how your quilt turns out! It has inspired me to learn to quilt and incorporate my stitching.


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