Finally, something new to post.  I finished another page in my experimental journal…I’m almost finished with it, so, I need to start thinking about another journal.  This one was an old craft book from the 70’s.  I usually start by putting gesso on the pages…that’s what I did on this spread.  I used Caran d’Ache crayons….acrylic inks, India inks and acrylic paint.  I also used some collage pieces cut from a vintage shorthand instruction book.  The quote says:   “Yesterday we were, and today we are!”-Kahlil Gibran. 

Here are some of the embroidery pieces I have finished in the last two weeks.   The bird, I found over at the floss box dot com.  The fish is a pattern from Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching...The duck is an Aunt Martha’s transfer.  The others are my sketches. Then I used a blue ink Sulky iron-on transfer pen to trace over the sketches and then ironed the designs on the fabric.  I found the pen on Ebay.

4 thoughts on “Journal-#27

  1. R November 11, 2010 / 4:53 pm

    Love the journal page, my fave colors, and the embroidery pieces are awesome too!


  2. Janet November 11, 2010 / 6:14 pm

    The journal spread is fantastic! Love the colors, the circles, the quote….perfection!

    And the embroidery is so cute. The heart with flowers inside and the fish are my favorites. My mom did a lot of embroidery when I was a kid so it always reminds me of her.


  3. claudia marchan November 12, 2010 / 2:27 pm

    this is great! i love looking at other people’s embroideries, i find it inspiring. keep up the great work! 🙂


  4. Zorana November 15, 2010 / 10:08 am

    Thanks for commenting, I followed the link to your blog and was greeted with the wonderful journal spread. Happy colors and circles always make me smile. The embroidery is delightful… my heart skipped when I saw the little duck. I’m sure that he had to be in a book I had when was a child. Soooo adorable!


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