I finished this spread in my journal this afternoon.  I started by using gesso on the page and made texture in it with a paint handle.  I used Jo Sonja’s blue violet acrylic paint mixed with white.  It is more blue than violet.  If you are looking for some less expensive paints to use and experiment with, try Jo Sonja’s artist colours. They are somewhere in between the cheapie craft paints and the more expensive acrylic paints, in my opinion.  I also used Liquidtex vivid red orange along with  pink craft paint.  The pink and orange mixed made another shade of orange.  White craft paint was used throughout to tone down the colors.  I used Indigo blue and brunt ochre colored pencils (not watercolor pencils)  to add lines. Click on the photo to see more details.


Fall color in Arkansas

My daughter took this photo a week ago at “The Natural Bridge” near Clinton, Arkansas.  Great shot, darling daughter!



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