Doodles & Books

I have read three books in the past week, plus a few days…maybe that’s why I’m not getting anything else accomplished.  One of the best books I have read lately is The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. I found it on Amazon while searching for another book.  Check out the book on Amazon…it’s gotten high praise by most of its readers.  Another book I read is The Witch of  Hebron,  a sequel to World Made by Hand, both by James Howard Kunstler.  Here’s what Publishers Weekly had to say about this book:  “Kunstler’s post-apocalyptic world is neither a merciless nightmare nor a starry-eyed return to some pastoral faux utopia; it’s a hard existence dotted with adventure, revenge, mysticism, and those same human emotions that existed before the power went out.”  The third book I read is Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.  I really didn’t like it very much but I kept on reading until the end.😮

Today I finished this piece I had started on a piece of watercolor paper.  I used some of my foam stamps on the background  and some collage pieces.  Then added to that with black India Ink using my dip pen.  I hope to get the denim jacket finished some time this week…I’m trying to decide what to do about the sleeves.


5 thoughts on “Doodles & Books

  1. Your blog name suits your art work so well! It’s uplifting and jouful to visit here and see all the colours on your spreads. Sorry I’m not here often, time and I are always doing a tug-o-war!


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