Swirls on Cardboard

I love greens and blues!  This piece of cardboard (11 x 12 inches) started with several coats of various shades of green and blue acrylic paint.  I also used a blue reinker…Stream…is the name of it.  It is very potent but mixed with lots of white,  produces a lovely shade of blue.  I also used some Golden’s green gold heavy body acrylic.  I have very few Golden paints but green gold is one that I will never run out of, if I can prevent it.  I glued down the collage pieces (painted phone book pages).  Then a dabbed on a little more acrylic paint and finished with black India ink with a dip pen.  I also used some white India ink but it didn’t show up very well.

Sitting on the Rock

We had a wonderful weekend and I’m just now getting back to finishing some projects I had started.  This piece is on a brown paper bag…the paper is very thick with paint because I started over at least twice.   I had tried one of my doodles but it didn’t work.  I covered it over with white acrylic paint.  Then I used my dip pen and black India ink and quickly drew some lines and this is what come forth.  Then I painted the shapes with acrylic paint and at the end, I touched it up with more black ink.  

On another note, I found a new site…Sarah of  Rhinestones and Telephones:    http://www.rhinestonesandtelephones.com/  She is very creative…writes about being thrifty, sews her own clothes and has some videos about paraben-free living.  I didn’t know what that meant until I listened to her videos today.  Check it out if you are curious.

Black & White and Journal -#17

I’ve been really busy the past few days getting ready for a family wedding that we will be attending this weekend.  This  black and white piece is a painted phone book page.  It started with the intentions of being a page that I can cut up and use for collage but I may photocopy it because I don’t want to cut it up.  I used black and white paint on the background which in areas mixed to a gray shade. As you can see, I also used punchanella and a texture tool.  Then, I used a small brush to paint the leaves, flowers, etc.  I finished with some doodling lines made with two different sizes of black markers.

This journal spread begin with a red organge background lightened with some white paint.  I also used some gold metallic paint and punchanella while the paint was still wet.  I doodled with my favorite Sharpie chisel tip marker.  I used colored pencils to add more color. 

Twice Doodled

We just finished watching the first three seasons of “Mad Man.”  It’s about an ad agency on Madison Avenue during the 60’s. I can’t get over how almost everyone smoked then.  Even women smoked and drank alcohol while pregnant.   We are caught up now so I can concentrate on my art.  The fourth season of “Mad Man” will begin in July on AMC.  It’s an excellent series…anyone else watching it??

I started these two doodle pieces last week.  This collage doodle is a piece of watercolor paper that I textured with black and red acrylic paint.  Then I spread white acrylic paint over that with a texture tool.  The collage pieces were cut from a painted phone book page.  I used a Stabilo black pencil to outline the pieces and a black Prismacolor marker to accent in some areas. 

This next one started with a piece of watercolor paper that I collaged with various painted phone book paper.  Then I used different black markers and Prismacolor colored pencils to doodle over the collage pieces.

Miscellaneous Doodles

Traci Bautista’s Creative Doodle class will be ending soon.  It has been a great experience…especially since I love doodling!  I used a black Pitt Artist Pen to draw this doodle today. I ordered a book from Amazon,   Pattern Motifs: A Sourcebook  by Graham Leslie McCallum.  I was inspired by two of the flower motifs and incorporated them  in my doodle below.  The back of the book says that  “these copyright-free images can be photocopied, enlarged or traced for design work in any creative field.”  He also has two other books…one has flower and plant motifs and the other one is animal, bird & fish motifs. 

This is another page from my little cereal box journal. I started with an acrylic paint background….used Wite-out pen to draw the design.  Last of all, I used Caran d’Ache crayons to add color.