Folk Art Motifs

A few weeks ago, I posted about a book sale  sponsored by our local friends of the library.  At that sale, for fifty cents, I purchased a book  in the art section entitled: Folk Art Motifs of Pennsylvania by Frances Lichten. It is a Dover book.  It is under copyright by the estate of Frances Lichten. The first copyright was in 1954.   

I picked the book up last week and looked it closely and I was amazed by the sketches and color pages.  The author redrew motifs from quilts, ceramics, painted furniture, tinware, and other items.  This portrays a look at traditional Pennsylvania Dutch motifs.  My favorite ones in the book are tulips, birds, parrots, and mermaids.  I was surprised by this book and the variety of motifs.  I haven’t checked Amazon to see if it is available there.  I know I’m going to be able to incorporate some of the vines and leaves in some of my own doodles.  I have another spread finished in my journal but I will have to share that another day.