Urban Journal Cover & Journal -#14

I am finally back.  We have had men working  at our house building a new porch and installing sidewalks.  Then, the past few days we have had company…a long time friend of my hubby’s.  We had a great time showing him around our area.  We took him back to Little Rock to catch his flight out yesterday afternoon. 

This afternoon I finished the journal cover for my Urban Journal.  You choose an old book to use for the cover.  Roben-Marie Smith is offering a class showing how she put together the urban journal. Her website is: http://www.robenmarie.com/ 


Also, here is the next page in my experimental journal.  This page is an experiment, I’d say 🙂   I used a brush to sketch her face so that’s why I couldn’t erase to refine her features….poor girl!  I used the Pesto shade of Adirondack reinkers mixed with white acrylic paint. 


3 thoughts on “Urban Journal Cover & Journal -#14

  1. Janet April 25, 2010 / 10:02 am

    Good to see you back! Your journal cover looks great. I like the bright colors you chose and the “things I love” on the front.

    I like your girl – she has personality! And I love the colors.


  2. Diane Salter April 26, 2010 / 5:49 am

    How cool and artsy these both are, and Happy Birthday! It is your birthday–right?!


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