Journal – #15

 This is another spread in my experimental journal. This was a quick fun attempt at being spontaneous. After putting down the acrylic paints, I added the collage elements.  The flower on the right was on another page of the book that I tore out of the book.  The cat and duck were from a book club brochure that my hubby was throwing away.  The white marks are a Bic Wite-out correction pen and the black marks are a Sharpie Pen.  I will be using the Bic pen again.



Moleskine -#12

I hope you had a great Monday!  Four more days and April is history.  This year is one third over. 

I finished this today.  This spread started with a pale orange background.  I stamped some of my foam stamps all over with black acrylic paint.  I sketched the birds and the girl and added more color. I used paints, Caran d’Ache crayons and some dark walnut stain ink. 

If you are a fan of Teesha Moore:  have you checked out her new videos she has posted on her blog?  What she can do with fabric is amazing!



Urban Journal Cover & Journal -#14

I am finally back.  We have had men working  at our house building a new porch and installing sidewalks.  Then, the past few days we have had company…a long time friend of my hubby’s.  We had a great time showing him around our area.  We took him back to Little Rock to catch his flight out yesterday afternoon. 

This afternoon I finished the journal cover for my Urban Journal.  You choose an old book to use for the cover.  Roben-Marie Smith is offering a class showing how she put together the urban journal. Her website is: 


Also, here is the next page in my experimental journal.  This page is an experiment, I’d say 🙂   I used a brush to sketch her face so that’s why I couldn’t erase to refine her features….poor girl!  I used the Pesto shade of Adirondack reinkers mixed with white acrylic paint. 


Mail Sketchbook

Hello…it’s been awhile.  I finally did some pages in a mail sketchbook sent out by Jennifer Zoellner ( My friend Janet (,  sent me the sketchbook a week or more ago and I will send it on to Kate ( I should have gotten it out days ago. Jennifer’s book is to be sent back by August. Here are the pages I completed for her today. The first spread is using some doodle art that I had done on my favorite paper….old phone book pages.  I made some copies of one of my pages and used a small portion  of a page here. The middle section I added today.  The next spread is sketched on scraps from an old Gregg Shorthand book. I hope the book holds together until it gets back to Jennifer.  I tried to mend some of the pages.

 *click on this one to see the details*


What I’ve been doing…

I have signed up for three or four online classes…I’ve lost count 🙂  The one I am having the most fun with is Carla Sonheim’s class: the art of SILLINESS!  It’s $25 for the month of April but Carla will leave the lessons up until the end of June.  She posts a new lesson each day…it takes 20 minutes at the most or depends on how much time you want to spend per lesson.  Here’s her website if you would like to join in: (  Here’s what I did for Day 1: