Phantom Petals

I haven’t had much time for arting the past few days.  I finished this piece last weekend.  The collage pieces are cut from painted phone book pages.  After gluing the pieces down, I used a brush with black India ink to outline everything.  Then I decided that was too stark and softened it with watercolor crayons and oil pastels.

Today in the mail, I  received the sewn journal I won a few weeks ago.  It traveled all the way from Norway to Arkansas.  I can’t make out the spelling of her first name but you can visit her website: ( . 

She has a video on her site of a current journal that she is working on…go check it out.  Here are some of my favorites pages from the journal: 

The cover (above) plus two of the pages:



7 thoughts on “Phantom Petals

  1. Hi Mary, I came from Lifesasaketch, attracted by the bright colors that popped up in the link on your comment:) Love the paintings you are creating here, they are so very decorative, and would also make fine textile designs:) Have a great weekend, greetings from Paris, Andrea


  2. Mary, so nice to hear from you…I really like the flowers you are doing. And I agree, softening the black was a good choice on this. Funny, I’ve been having a hard time getting to my art too. Maybe it’s spring fever? I suppose I did spent 3 hours in the dog run this morning. I appreciated your comments, it helps to know others are indeed interested! I’m looking forward to trying out painting some phonebook pages soon too. All the best. Gail


  3. Thank you so much for letting me know the journal arrived in Arkansas safe and sound -i really appreciate that.
    and thanks for posting pictures and linking me!

    I’m so glad you liked the journal!! I know it’s not perfect, and really, that is the fun part -you can change it in your own way.

    Happy Easter!


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