My Post Cards

I finished two post cards today and started two more.  I think I have about four to send out right now.  I really am enjoying making these small pieces of art. I am painting with acrylics on phone book pages.  After painting on the pages, I tear them up and collage the pieces on a base.  I like to use  phone book paper because it is really thin and glues down nicely. For the base, I use cereal and tea boxes, or heavy watercolor paper.   I use Golden’s regular gel medium as a glue.  When I finish a card, I use Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish all over the piece.  I read on someone’s blog a while back that this product is the only one you need.  I can’t find the artist’s blog again who wrote that.  I haven’t used it as a glue or glaze because I have a lot of gel mediums to use up…thought I’d pass that along.  If it works like that, it would save money. However,  if you don’t like a glossy finish, then  you probably wouldn’t like it.  Here are two of my finished cards:

11 thoughts on “My Post Cards

  1. I am impressed with your talent. I have art in my head, but have putting the colors and thoughts down on paper. Some day I plan on taking art lessons and work with oils.


  2. I love Liquitex gloss gel medium and I use it for everything, including gluing up. I didn’t know gel mediums like this before I tried Liquitex and I found that it works better that any kind of glue and it doesn’t wrink the paper and it contributes to the sturdiness of your collages.


  3. wow! I love the second postcard here, so colorful!! Wish I was the one to be receiving that one 😛
    I’ve received 9 postcards from the swap already, loving every single one of them.

    Thanks for joining my draw!!


  4. These are beautiful! I like using the varnish and medium, but sometimes need the matt so things don’t get sticky…maybe that’s just an Northeast issue, don’t know. 🙂


  5. Love your technique for your postcards! What a way to be a green artist! Phone books are always taking up space around the house! I do a lot of work on recycled surfaces as well. You asked on my blog if I was using a book to journal in, Yes a book. This one is on Medieval Art-lots of text & some pics.


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