Journal – #10

I finished this page this afternoon after running errands all morning.  I also completed a post card for my blog friend, Janet (I’ll mail it tomorrow).  I’ll post a photo after I’m sure that she has received it in the mail. If anyone would like to trade a post card(4×6” size), one for one, please let me know by leaving a comment and then we can exchange snail mail addresses via email. Back to the page:  I glued some of my painted pages from an old phone book, added more paint, and more foam stamps. 


9 thoughts on “Journal – #10

  1. This page is really cool….I love the colors and of course your stamps are great. It makes me think of spring.

    I’m trying to get your postcard in the mail by tomorrow, too. I’m almost finished with it.


  2. Hello Mary, just popped in to say hiya from over at Gauche Alchemy{I guess you’d call me a groupie by now!}. Hope to see you become a regular, they let you be you over yonder. Can you explain more about the postcards? Happy happies.


    1. Hi Joyce…thanks for coming by. The postcards should be 4 x 6 inches…any medium of your choice. Some people put them in envelopes to mail, others write the address on the back of the card, stamp it and drop it in the mail. Click on Sunday postcard art on my sidebar to see some examples of postcard art. If you are interested in exchanging a card with me, send me your snail mail via my email at the top of this page…cheers!


      1. Mary, I can not find the Sunday postcard art on your sidebar. I started a postcard after reading your reply and just now realized that I never e-mailed you! Happy happies.


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