Moleskine Face – #2

I could probably work on this some more but  I’m done…I’m tired of working on it.  I see a jillion things wrong with it.  I made a supersized girl spanning both pages of the journal.    I  throughly enjoy drawing  the Suzi faces and it’s very good practice for me because I need to work on shading.  I have never been a fan of colored pencils but I am learning how to use them better as I tend to have a heavy hand and shade too much.  I bought a few bottles of Stewart Gill’s paints when I was taking the first Suzi class.  I used the Byzantia paints on this face.  If you want to learn more about the paints, I think the website is  Stewart Gill dot com.

8 thoughts on “Moleskine Face – #2

  1. I agree with Diane….this is beautiful just as it is. The flourishes around her face and hair are just the perfect addition. I haven’t gotten this far in the class! I need to get busy.


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