Art Journal – Which Way Does the Wind Blow?

First, I want to thank my friend Kitty for this award:


Kitty is from Slovenia.  Here’s a map of the Balkans which shows her country:



I do not know Kitty’s native language but she is very proficient in English.   She left a comment here one day and we have exchanged comments ever since then.  Her blog is over at the side bar.  Check it out!  The name of her blog is:  Slovonske Technobe.

Mystele has some new art journaling and painting videos on her website.  They are fantastic!  She is using an old book for an art journal.  That reminded me that I had an old book that I had been intending to use as a journal.   This is going to be my experimental journal.   (The moleskine will be used for my class (when my colored pencils get here, I will complete some of the faces I sketched).  I like the title of the book I am using:



This is the first page in my experimental journal:

8 thoughts on “Art Journal – Which Way Does the Wind Blow?

  1. Congrats on the award. Isn’t it great to make a connection with someone on the other side of the world!

    I think I used to have that book! It sure looks familiar. I like the idea of using old books as journals….I have a garage full of them.


  2. Thank you for coming by my blog, it is really fun to hear from new people. The blog is only a ocuple months old so I work hard to make it better and can do more. Is there time for everything???

    Your very good at different looks, your art can look several ways. That is fun about mixed media. I like it because I don’t have to worry about perspective as much as I did in landscape painting, which I still do. I like the photo altering and layering also.

    You moleskin journal is lovely, the beginning? or have I not looked around enough? The flowers on the right that are so bold with design is very eye catching also.
    I had a great time wondering around. I will see you at Nora’s class. I am excited about that, always more to learn.
    Keeps it realy fun.



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