Art Journal – New Beginnings

This is the first page in my new Moleskine.  I had started a background several days ago and looked at it every time I picked it up to sketch a new face.  I used Primacolor stix first and dripped tangerine India Ink over both pages.  It stayed like that for almost a week.  Last evening, I added some stamps, Caran d’ Ache crayons and ended with Portfolio Oil Pastels.  After doing all that, I decided I didn’t like it and used a brush and some black India Ink to outline the shapes.  I also used some tangerine and crimson India Inks to finish it.  I  used my old hair dryer to dry the inks,  and the pastels and crayons started melting…oops, may have been a happy accident :) 

10 thoughts on “Art Journal – New Beginnings

  1. Me again, from your and Lori’s writing it was clear to me that I forgot to write something in my last blogpost and sure I did – I didn’t write in English that that is my list of blogs to which I pass the Sunshine award. And yours is on the list as well🙂


  2. Hi Mary, thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m not a very good blogger as I can’t seem to stay consistent with anything, other than doing something creative everyday, I have no problems there! I love this background….ALL of your backgrounds and pages are just amazing! I really want to get some of those Caran d ache water soluable crayons! I mostly use what I have, stamps, acrylic paints, some distress inks and colored pencils. Your work is very inspirational! I LOVE IT!!!


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