Art Journal – Split the Difference

This is one of the smaller pages in my 16 page journal.  I finished it this afternoon.  She is definitely not pretty or cute.  Interesting…that’s a descriptive word that fits her. 

I was pleasantly surprised to have a visit here from the author of the Band Aid quote (Rhonda LaShae) that I used on the journal page posted just below this one.  She left a very nice comment for me…thanks Rhonda!  I appreciate ALL comments very much.  It makes my day to have someone leave a comment about what I’m doing or saying.  I appreciate all visits…THANKS SO MUCH!!!



6 thoughts on “Art Journal – Split the Difference

  1. Thanks a bunch for stopping by for a visit. Now you’ve got me inspired to do another altered book/journal/something or other. Enjoyed your site. Gotta see more. xx PJ


  2. Hi Mary, What classes are you taking? I’m really considering taking Suzi Blu’s class (goddess and poet)–I love her faces, and I want to learn how she goes about with the different layers. Have you ever taken any of her classes–I think I did read that you took her angel class? You can email me:


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