Watercolor Play

Hello…I’m back!  It’s been awhile.  I really haven’t been doing a whole lot of art lately…I’ve been getting ready for Thanksgiving…now that it is over…whew…I can relax a bit.  I have started a project…two, to be exact.  I am making two booklets from security envelopes that I plan to fill with photos, cards with quotes or anything else that comes to mind.  I will use magazine pics, decorative papers, old dictionary pages and some of my art to embellish the pages of the books.  If you would like to see more clearly what I am talking about, visit Patty at River Bend Ranch and watch this short video:


The photo below is a page I did earlier in my Gut Art book.  The class has ended but I have a few things from the class that I have not posted yet.  This started as a page from a Coach catalog.  I put a thin layer of gesso and then used watercolors all over the page, letting them drip from top to bottom.  Then I used some decorative papers and painted with acrylics and stamped over the page.  I see a sheep’s head and body if I look closely.  The head is to the left of the dark watercolor drip. 

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Play

  1. Janet November 29, 2009 / 5:49 pm

    I see the sheep!

    You and I were both kind of absent for awhile. It was a lot of work to get ready for Thanksgiving but now it’s behind me and I hope I can do some art now.


  2. Diane November 30, 2009 / 6:50 am

    Hi Mary! I’m glad you started posting again. I love this piece, and also how you explained how you did it. I’ve never worked with watercolors before. How are they different from acrylics?


  3. iheartfilm December 2, 2009 / 1:14 pm

    There’s so much to see in this watercolor. I see a meadow meeting a forest. The dripping streaks are lovely. 🙂


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